Thursday, February 2, 2012

Will President Obama be different from all the others?

Considering Washington has a set of fixed ideology that defines them,Although Obama might have different policies can he be really sinere,honest and trustworthy? Is he limited to what he can or cannot do to reshuffle the Wahington ideology.What does his presidency mean to other races apart from BLACK people.Splash your ideas on the platform.Cheers.Will President Obama be different from all the others?Yes he will, for the bestWill President Obama be different from all the others?
So far he's just another Liberal politician who spends spends spends.Will President Obama be different from all the others?Record tax revenue loss combined with, record spending and, printing or borrowing money = record Inflation, Depression, And poverty for most. Civil war is looming near. Obama did this to pay off special interest groups in so called stimulus bill. 21 states have filed sovereignty鈥?/a>
He's a fairy tale prince. He will tell pretty fairy tales and people will pretend they came true.

Sadly, when ultimately they prove to be not true, they will turn against him, unless they can blame someone else. Perhaps they can blame Goldstein ("1984" character), or Bush. I suspect it will be Bush.Will President Obama be different from all the others?another jimmi carter...only worseWill President Obama be different from all the others?
oh yes different. that's the word. I can't begin to compare him with anyone. He's a class act of his own.
He's just one of those post-Vietnam hippies who wants to take all my money away from me. He can't do anything except give a good speech that appeals to pot head college students and old feeble people who no longer care.

Clayton, dear, Hannity and Rushie aren't politicians. They're talk show hosts. They don't count. Pick a real politico.Will President Obama be different from all the others?
President Barack H. Obama is among the better educated presidents. Compared to President George W. Bush President and President Reagan President Obama is a genius.

What credentials do Limbaugh and Hannity have?
He already is by a long shot

And he has a hottie for wife
My wife is Philippine and I am German American but we did not vote for Barack Obama

Many people embraced the Democrats (some for the first time voted)

and Obama brought a lot of people out during this election


In the end the economical problems with this country (and the world) have to adjust and this takes TIME~

the endless desert wars will go on and on and seem to never end

I believe their will be a major war before the economy is in recovery mode.

President Barack Obama is not a *military minded man* and I wonder

if he will be able to commit to a war that will most certainly take a lot

of military and civilian lives plus cost him the popularity of the very

people who adore him around the world.

Lincoln did not hesitate to launch the bloodiest war in the history of

the US~the US lost over a million Americans and countless more

millions wounded and set this country back many years for recovery.

Could a Barack Obama did what Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, LBJ%26lt; Nixon,

Bush SR and Bush JR. and commit many thousands of men to war

and to their deaths%26gt;?
I think it is naive to expect Obama to come sweeping into Washington like a savior and magically fix everything. As you say, Washington has a very deeply entrenched power elite who are invested in keeping the status quo. That's probably never going to change.

I believe that Obama is both trustworthy and sincere in his desire to make this country better. He is obviously a very bright and articulate man who has high principles and is not afraid to say what he believes in.

We also have to remember that Obama is an attorney, and as such he knows how to argue his case convincingly. An good attorney can make you believe that day is night and the moon is purple. Whether these skills will help him fix the economic crisis and resolve the endless Middle Eastern wars remains to be seen.

Obama is relatively young for a president and has never held national office before, so he has an awful lot to learn. It is only reasonable to assume that he won't please everyone and that he will make some mistakes along the way. So far he has shown that when he does screw up, he is man enough to admit it. That is a rare quality among politicians.

I am not black nor was I initially an Obama supporter, so his election didn't mean anything to me on an personal level. But I was happy to see one more racial barrier knocked down. I believe that the brightest and most capable candidate was elected, and I wish him well.
No he is just another politician
I know that the blacks can no longer claim that "the man" is holding them down.

Aside to Clayton J, and all others who may be interested: Did you know that George W.Bush has a Harvard MBA degree? Look it up.
No. I think people tend to forget that the President cannot make all the decisions. Congress and the Senate still have a say.

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