Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why isnt Obama clearly better in every way than Billary or McSame?

Hill is running as a Clinton 3rd term, and McCain is running as Bush's 3rd term. Obama has raised more money, brought in more new people, won more states, won more delegates, weathered the most biased media coverage in history and is still poised to capture the dem nomination. More importantly he has run the "right" campaign, positive, uplifting and unifying. Why is this so difficult?Why isnt Obama clearly better in every way than Billary or McSame?Seems to me that he is. It is hard to stay clean when everyone including your own party are slinging mud at you. He has done his best to stay above the fray and try and hold to his beliefs of running on issues. Sure he attacks his opponents, but when he attacks it is on the issues not on their personal life. I honestly do not know why some democrats do not like him, sure I don't agree with all his views, but I do not always agree with my wife either. He is the best option our country has to change the direction that 8 years of King George has set us on. He has demonstrated ability to work in both the Illinois legislature and the senate to work bipartisan. People who are afraid of him because they don't know about him please see the impartial website below.Why isnt Obama clearly better in every way than Billary or McSame?

You must be a comedian. Hussein hasn't run the right campaign. I don't see what you call uplifting and unifying - exactly how unified is the Democratic party at the moment? How many times has Hussein worked on a bill with a fellow republican? Right campaign? He ran a campaign based on race. I'm not impressed. Brought in more new people? Do you have proof of that? In Oregon, a state that was "filled with Hussein supporters" and was a mail in ballot had less turn out than Kentucky which Hillary won by +30 percent.

I argue that Hussein is the 3rd term of Bush, they both have no experience, they both feel they can say whatever they want but if their opponent attacks them then it is unfair and dirty politics, both ran on a campaign of "change. Sounds like a repeat of Bush to me.Why isnt Obama clearly better in every way than Billary or McSame?America is split into 3 groups apparently.

1. the group that is old fashion, likes things the way they are = McCain

2. this group remembers the good days under the Clinton Administration= Hillary

3. the last group is the easily fooled by a smooth talker. he reminds me of the guy that can go to any bar and pick up any chick he chooses=Obama

only problem with the last group is the morning after when you realize you have been screwed and the guy is nowhere to be found.
Ha! Ha!You tell me why he can't close the deal. I will, REV. Wright, Ayers and his weird book. He has run a clean campaign because he has nothing on the other candidates, PLEASE, LOL!! He brought in more black people and he has not won more of the states. Its not difficult. Its easy. If Rev Wright drama had been exposed in Jan instead of March we would not be talking.Don't say its not relevant, its his character, that's who he is. You know that, that's why you want Hillary to drop out.Why isnt Obama clearly better in every way than Billary or McSame?He's a politician like all the others, he just has a new trick to make you think he's different.

"BIllary" is an insult, as is "McSame" (as is, btw, the "Osama" trick that some people pull). You're clearly only propagating a point of view that you insist others must agree with... and unfortunately for you, I don't.

Cheers :)Why isnt Obama clearly better in every way than Billary or McSame?
He has not ran a "positive, uplifting and unifying" campaign.

Do you think referring to a large portion or America as "bitter, xenophobic, gun-toting, religious zealots" is uplifting of unifying? I happen to think it is very divisive.
Oh believe we will be getting the same ole Washington, if not worse with Obama.

Look at all his supporters, Kennedy, Biden, Dean, Soros etc

These are are old POLITICIANS. They are rallying this candidate, LIKE I have never seen before. He is nothing but old Washington in a new empty suit.Why isnt Obama clearly better in every way than Billary or McSame?
I cannot erase the images and sound bites of Rev.Wright from my memory, nor can I forget him calling me a "typical white person clinging to my guns and Bible". These things were shocking, disturbing and hurtful. I just don't need that crap in my life if I don't have to.
Because he's not, i would figure a obama supporter would not doubt the obamamessiah.sounds like you admit McCain and Hillary are better.according to the beginning of your question.
Well, the fact that you are reduced to calling Obama's opponents "Billary" and "McSame" doesn't give me a whole lot of faith in the tactics of your candidate. Pretty nasty, if you ask me.
Because Obama has 0 experience. Doesn't matter, even if I could vote, I wouldn't vote for any of them. They stooped as low as WWE to get votes. "Do you smell what Barack is cooking?"

I see he has you bamboozled too. The man is a Politician plain and simple, look beneath his smile and great words and see the real man. Put down the kool aid and listen!!
Actually, McCain is running as McCain's first term.
Clearly better for the communist party and Muslim terrorists.
Obama is running as Jimmy Carter Part 2. 'Nuff said.
It's the fear of some voters they need to know you and that's what the others have, name recognition.
If he would have been like myself black lighter skin tone and blue eyes he would be!!!!!!!!!!!1
If you can't see through that idiot Banana boy I have a bridge to sell you.
Get a grip you idiot. This man is a phony and an inexperienced one at that.
Not difficult for me, I voted for him in the primaries and will again in Nov.

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