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What Are Your Thoughts That Obama Is To Have Schools Do This?

This is way overboard! Obama ( mr conceded) is to have schools- elementry, watch videos of Obama giving them speeches.. WHAT THE? Then the kids are to write about his speech. This is just plain creepy and my kids will be home that day for sure!What Are Your Thoughts That Obama Is To Have Schools Do This?Oh, come on. Other presidents have given the same speech. Work hard, stay in school, don't do drugs, listen to your parents. George HW Bush got bad press from the left who thought the adoring kiddies would appear in a campaign ad. Now the right thinks it's the beginning of Hitler youth. Didn't you have to write about the President's speeches when you were a kid? I did, Johnson AND Nixon.

If you are keeping your kids home, then watch in online and talk to them about it.What Are Your Thoughts That Obama Is To Have Schools Do This?
just don't try to home school them since you cant spell conceited.What Are Your Thoughts That Obama Is To Have Schools Do This?it is pathetic

But school age children may be the only people left that will listen to his lies.
Good for you, and I would do the same.

The speech, I hear, is streamed over the Internet, so I would consider watching it with the kids as a parent, then possibly a rebuttal, and then having a serious discussion about the implications of the nothingness that was said.What Are Your Thoughts That Obama Is To Have Schools Do This?I think your decision is tragic. In the country that I know and love, parents respected their president and would be glad for their kids to get to listen to him and think and write about our country.

Your attitude makes me sad and makes me despair for our country. Is there NOTHING you guys will not politicize? Is there no love for your country before your party and your dogma?What Are Your Thoughts That Obama Is To Have Schools Do This?
I THINK IT IS CREEPY and if you think it is OK then just replace the President with someone say Bush, and how does your opinion change.
If the speeches are somewhat generic (ie about patriotism or responsibility) and not about specific policies, I think it's a great idea. However, I don't think that's what he'll do.What Are Your Thoughts That Obama Is To Have Schools Do This?
More paranoia from right wing nut blogs, I see.
Brainwashing young kids to be liberals.
Can you link a source for this? I'd really like a little more information before I comment.....

EDIT - Ok, I found my own link…
that is wierd

but maybe we should see the speech first

it might be good

that is his only talent
hes trying to brain wash them cause they're the next generation
Sounds like those movies where there's like a billion people sitting in even rows like robots, with a big face of a dictator on the screen in front of them. Obama is scary.
Obama has nothing left but to go to the kids no one else wants to hear anymore of his bull****. The fact is i think parents should have to sign for this just like sex education. Pretty creepy but what do you expect from a socialist pig like himself.
I don't think it's creepy, but my grandkids are very polite little conservatives who believe in God, are charitable, are respectful and care for everyone. If they have questions they will ask their parents over family dinner before bedtime. Since my family is engaged in the manner all families should be, no worries here.
Here is the link.…

It says here that the speech will be on the importance of education. However i don't see why he must be the one to give the address.

As far as students k-8th grade maybe i don't think it will matter. He will be out of office, even if reelected, before they are able to vote.

As for 9th through 12th i don't think it should be him presenting the speech. If it is generic anyone could give it and if its not just on education and he will put his own ideologies into it then it should not be shown.

No one would sit by and let there kids be forced to listen to a teacher of another religion or other views that they don't want their kids to see so why are we sitting by while they force kids to watch this.
This is just another step in the direction of starting the indoctrination of our children earlier %26amp; earlier.

Does anyone remember the teacher in NJ who was suspended for putting a picture of George W. Bush up in her classroom?

The ACLU did NOT come to her defense, saying it was an attempt by the teacher to exert undue influence on the students.

Need I remind you that at the time he was the sitting President?

No speeches, no videos, just a picture.

Yet NOW we are supposed to be OK with Teachers %26amp; Obama directly attempting to influence our children with videos %26amp; speeches?

Never before has such blatant political indoctrination of our children been attempted by ANY politician or group.

This is the kind of stuff that was done in the old Soviet Union %26amp; Nazi Germany and IS done today in North Korea, Cuba, Red China (Yes I called it RED), Iran and Venezuela.

It is an obvious attempt to foster a "Cult of Personality" around Obama and place him on a pedestal in the eyes of school kids with impressionable minds.

I agree with the Idea of promoting education BUT I don't trust Obama not to spin it in an unacceptable political direction.

Education should be apolitical %26amp; as such someone outside of Government should be the one to speak to them about it.

These are dangerous waters we are swimming in, with sea monsters to devour our freedoms and whirlpools to drag us down into the depths of despotism.

Be aware of what your children are being taught.
You know, you just proved your own ignorance with your question.

The word you were looking for is "conceited." That word means "full of ones self" or "narcissistic" if for those college graduates (obviously not you!).

But hey, I'm glad your kids will be home with their full-blown, can't spell any better than a first grader, ignorant, ill-informed, Fox-news watching idiot of a parent who will disrespect a black intelligent president while praising Chimpy McDumbass and his staggering inability to complete a sentence or even eat a freaking pretzel.
i think for any president to have young kids who basically have no understanding of politics (or at least a very limited understanding) watch him give a speech is ridiculous. At my high school they are showing the speech and i definetly am refusing to watch and/or write about it. hopefully the repeated dumb moves that this man is pushing will make America realize that not everyone that can make pretty speeches is fit to lead a nation. I thought the Carter administration cleared that up but apparently not. god bless america, the land of the FREE

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