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How many times can Obama say he knows nothing when a scandal arises?

Look Obama tried to stop the scandal with Rev Wright and then the next one about Ayers. Now this one with the Governor of Illinois. How can one person have so many associates that are really bad people? When will these scandals stop with Obama? Is he digging himself a grave or what is going on?How many times can Obama say he knows nothing when a scandal arises?The scandal currently in Ill is not selling the vacant Senate seat but goes back many years (the investigation has been ongoing for three) so saying the President Elect has nothing to do with it is using the last thing done wrong and saying he would know nothing about it since he was gone. President Elect Obama has been handled with kid gloves by the press and saying he has been under the microscope more then any other is a joke or just not being honest; even many editorial writers who write for and were his backers now admit that they did not look into many things they should have and talk of knowing little about his political background. Chicago and Illinois politics have been among the most corrupt for many years and that is the system the President Elect came up in his associations/alliances with some of the people involved have been ignored or let slip with "I knew nothing/I don't know then well" from the start. This is much the same way the press treated President Clinton during his campaign by stating the women saying those things about him were "trailer trash" or it was a smear campaign...years later the press had to finally say that the accusations were true or should have been looked at closer. His advisers now are directly tied to some very questionable activities and look at the connections with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac; his Budget Director made how much money their, got bonuses he was later made to pay back because he inflated profit to make a bigger bonus, was instrumental in getting them into the trouble they are in now and collects a 1.2 million dollar pension from then for the rest of his life? He was never convicted or admitted wrong doing just paid back some of his bonus money and that was the end of it. Define what is meant by appreciation being the only pay back? That means possibly he is just getting favors and power instead of cash and the Gov preferred cash is one thing. Appreciation could be government grants, projects and funds to do things the Governor could take credit for and help get him reelected and could have been sweeping things under the rug; we will not know the answers to that because the President Elect does not have the power/ability to show "appreciation" that way but as the President he would have. What is going on is what has been going on most of the year since Senator Obama announced he was a candidate, during the primary process, the election and now as the President Elect; things come up about associations or questions and the press ignores it or accepts a "Not Me" answer and then goes back to saying how great it is for the country. Many things should have been looked at much closer and would have been if President Elect Obama was not the savior according to the press.How many times can Obama say he knows nothing when a scandal arises?
Even if the governor was to appoint a candidate favored by the Obama team, Blagojevich said, “(T)hey're not willing to give me anything except appreciation. (Expletive) them,”

The complaint also notes that Blagojevich called Obama a “mother (expletive).” - AP

Oh yeah...I'd say that they're REALLY close friends.

You also ask...

How can one person have so many associates that are really bad people?

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You can't look at Bush and ask that question seriously.How many times can Obama say he knows nothing when a scandal arises?He is clueless or corrupt or both. Take your pick.
just call him sgt. shultz from hogan's heroes i know nothingHow many times can Obama say he knows nothing when a scandal arises?As many times as Republicans try to smear him with things that he isn't associated with, I suppose.How many times can Obama say he knows nothing when a scandal arises?
Every time and there will be many opportunities..
seems like the wrong place at the wrong time .... over....and over...and over again... (not necessarily referring to this example , but the many others to choose from)How many times can Obama say he knows nothing when a scandal arises?
Obama doesn't work FOR or WITH Blegojevich...why would he be privy to the guy's madness? Its clear from the tapes the governor and Obama aren't close.

Try again.
As many times as is appropriate. He doesn't have any connection to this scandal other than it was his Senate seat the guy was trying to sell. Check your facts.
It seems cons with Obama Derangement Syndrome are desperate to blame him for everything.
Obviously as many as he wants.....but consider he is not the only President elect who has had bad associates. Look @ Clinton
The most recent one Obama is not involved in.

As long as the Obamaphiles will still believe him, he will keep getting away with things.
4 years of BS, coming up!

The man is a liar.
Nixon did the same thing with Watergate right up until the time he


Clinton avowed he *did not have sex with that women* until the famous smoking gun~~~the Blue Dress came out of Monica's secret closet.

President Elect Obama is a very good lawyer. what are the odds of getting the truth from a lawyer? Zero to none
this one is not obama's fault, just because the guy will be president soon, doesnt make him psychic- he does not know everything thats going on, no on does. The idiot from Illinios was just trying to choose someone for a government spot that would benefit himself, not obama.

And for the record, I can't name one single politician that I would trust- they're all shady
mobster president elect obama is starting to run out of excuse, he can't use the same excuse every time, people will start to get suspicious !
There is always political scandal. Obama has been put under the microscope more than any other candidate before him and the scandals around him are being revealed. Its not his fault if the people around him are bad, let this leader be a good leader and stop trying to bring him down.
David Axelrod .. Obamas own campaign strategist was taped on a Chicago TV station saying Obama had discussions with the Governor about his replacement..…

I guess "The ministry of Truth " is still a little rough around the edges..LOL
obama has a couple more feet to dig before he dug his own grave.i wish he would dig faster.maybe i should help him dig
The only scandal is in the eyes of some beholders.
Illinois is hard-core, being surrounded by shady people, ESPECIALLY IN POLITICS, doesn't necessarily mean that you're one yourself
As many as he wants.

He is a Democrat and will always be allow to have the benefit of doubt something that Republican are never given in the media.
Exactly! He's starting to look like the Sgt. Schultz of politics...." I know nothing " " I know nothing "

Hey Libs...Is he Brilliant or is he Stupid? You can't have it both ways. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!
You ask about this in the context of Obama, in such a way that I wonder if this would even be a concern for you if there were no possible connection with him.

That's why it keeps happening, and why it will continue.

Our party is squeaky-clean, theirs is dirty and all in cahoots.

Has it simply never occurred to anyone that the real problem might be the entire system of regarding the parties as an integral part of government?

he can say it until he gets his hand caught in the jar then he will pull a bill clinton on us
Obama is a master at distancing himself from everyone he knows.

The liberals have had 8 years to blame bush for everything from 9/11 to global warming. I guess the shoe is on the other foot now. Let's see how long it is until they start to cry foul. Not long i presume.'
Obama is NOT responsible for the actions of others...
Why are people so eager to blame Obama every time anyone he even slightly knows for their mishaps? If he were actually as bad as his opponents try to make him,why can't they come up with something HE actually has done?
He is the president. Name ONE president that did not have a scandal that DIRECTLY affected him. At least these are scandals about people around him.

Ever since the Media realized that they can manipulate the way some people see ANYTHING they tell us what they feel like. So to answer you question, you sill see more scandals as long as we have a 24 hour news stations that need work, and hot stories to boost ratings.
This is about you, not about him. The republicans spend so much time wanting to make him wrong that they are looking for scandals. We can find the same amount of wrong things in your life or mine. This is called projection. We project trouble to people we want to get in trouble. This is why you keep having dems tell you to get over it already he won. I have not even seen that comment or ever said it to anyone before but to blame someone for what eveyone else in the world does is ridiculous. It is no co-incidence that this guy is being singled out to make Obama look bad. I know all kinds of corupt things are going on but unless someone makes something out of it, it goes under the radar. Chicago is now known as having so much coruption yet I know someone who lives in Mississippi that works close up with people to know %26amp; say that they are the most corrupt. We get in life what we focus on. McCain's father bought his senate seat. He had no qualifications. Dems never went after him for this %26amp; he ran for President. His birth certificate really is a problem yet Obama's was looked at because people decided to make up a story. No one said a word about McCain not being qualified. The majority of people in this country agree that Obama is focused on all the issues that he has inherited from Bush. He is not even President %26amp; people who don't support him spend the majority of time finding faught with anything they can about him. Everyday he is working on a new issue. Do you even know about the work he is doing with these issues. It is great work %26amp; very exciting after having someone who did nothing...I didn't hear him say he knows nothing about it. I have no reason not to trust him. What I heard him say was that it was not appropiated for him to talk about it. It is never appropriated to talk about a legal case until you are called to trail. So what do you really expect him to do?

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