Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How do you think Obama's campaign can recover from last nights stinging defeat by McCain?

Alot of people thought it was going to be a slam dunk for Obama, but most news networks report that McCain won the debate handily.

McCain was smart, energetic, funny and truthful. He won, fact.

But where does Obama's campaign go from here?How do you think Obama's campaign can recover from last nights stinging defeat by McCain?Which debate did you watch, cause the one I saw made the "maverick" look like a crybaby.How do you think Obama's campaign can recover from last nights stinging defeat by McCain?
you are misinformed, the networks called it for Obama 2 to 1How do you think Obama's campaign can recover from last nights stinging defeat by McCain?Where does Obama go from here? to the White House.
I couldn't stand to watch all the way through but I thought both did well. Obama only needed to play for a tie which he did.

McCain made some points against Obama but probably not enough to turn the tide. He won the debate but not by enough to win the election so I can't say he was successful.How do you think Obama's campaign can recover from last nights stinging defeat by McCain?Both candidates held their own and saying McCain won the debate makes me believe you watch Fox news.. Every other channel gave it to Obama.How do you think Obama's campaign can recover from last nights stinging defeat by McCain?
very funny
By looking at the electoral map.

How do you think Obama's campaign can recover from last nights stinging defeat by McCain?
At some point, it would be good to check sources other than Fox news. Every other source shows Obama in the lead. I guess ignorance is bliss.
Are you an idiot? Every single network, literally EVERY SINGLE ONE, even including fox claimed Obama the winner, now for the third time in a row. Fox news claimed McCain the winner on the 2nd debate, that is IT.

Get your facts straight, when you post something as idiotic as this all you do is help the world in knowing what kind of morons still support McCain.
Umm... McCain lost to Obama, again. Americans just aren't into the whole Pessimistic Dried Up Old White Man thing.
"All elections are advance auctions on stolen goods" (1)

Obama's pie-in-the-sky story followers will follow him. He is a Democrat. He will continue to blame Bush, big oil, big pharmaceutical, rich people, He will never ever take the blame for anything that goes wrong and he will never admit to doing anything wrong. He will play the race card and get out of jail free. The ones who will abandon him will be doing it too late, after the damage is done. The party of the poor, will become more powerful as more and more poor people are created who need government help. They will continue to be deluded into thinking the rich have too much money and tax the rich. He will continue to foster division along racial lines and along economic lines. The new disenfranchised will vote democrat because the republicans will continue to want to cut back government spending and take their little piece of the pie away. Of course, the only way to fix things is to cut back spending and lower taxes. Obama knows full well what he's doing. He knows raising taxes will slow the economy. He knows prices will go up to cover increases in corporate taxation. He knows The rich will cut back and make employees work harder for less. He knows stock holders will earn less on investments. He is also lying when he states no one under 250,000 will be taxed more. They will be. he intends to roll back the Bush tax decreases that have saved the economy from disaster. Rolling back Bush tax decreases is a monumental tax increase on the poor and middle classes. Unless the general population sees him as the liar he is, they will not change their votes.

How many eggs can a rooster lay in one day? Once you start out with a lie, you cannot arrive at the truth.

In many figurative ways Democrats believe roosters lay eggs. McCain was better. He made more valid points. Part of the problem is Obama tells lies. Not so as people will notice but every single tenet of his rhetoric is rooted in specific identifiable lies. Taxation of the rich, will not help the poor, but, because the democrat party has been so successful in creating envy of the rich, it's silly to discuss lowering taxes because people "hear" (for the rich) In order to win a debate with a liberal, you have to attack the core of their lies. The fundamental "untruth" they always base their arguments on. When Obama, as usual said "McCain wants to give tax cuts for the rich" Obama instantly won because people have heard so much liberal propaganda in the public schools, they believe the rich need to pay more taxes and we need to help the struggling middle class. it is true, the middle class needs help, but it needs to help itself. The Government can't do it. McCain needed to look right at the camera and say -

Proposed speach for McCain :


Fellow Citizens I want to help the poor and middle class get out of this mess caused by REGULATION initiated by the democrats in congress and Senators including Barak Obama. You have to ask yourself. What happens whrn the rich are taxed? Do they have to move to smaller houses? No! My fellow citizens, they see taxation (no matter how much) as a cost of business. They won't suffer. The rich simply pass the taxes along. They make their employees work harder for less. A few layoffs some downsizing, some outsourcing and the bottom line remains intact. Senator Obama knows full well there will be layoffs and some of you will lose your paychecks and jobs as a resultof HIS taxes on the rich. Ask him why he wants you to lose your job? If your employer is short of funds because he has to pay more taxes. How soon before he hires illegal aliens or simply contracts for work to be done overseas? Businesses, when taxes see the taxes as a cost of business. They simply pass the taxes along in the price of the goods you buy. If you increase the taxes on a bakery 10,000 How soon do you think it will take them to raise the price of the bead you buy? The next way corporations pass taxes along is to make shareholders earn less on investments. The taxes do not come out of the CEO's pocket. They never have. They come out of your pocket. I know most of you are thinking abouty retirement, well Senator Obnama wants you to move your retirement date way back, or be so poor in retirement you will need to eat Chinese dog food. and live in a 1 room apartment.

Many of you, my fellow citizens, believe the war is wrong. You are right! The war is wrong. Not because we were wrong to be in it. but, because there is a brand of evil racist hate filled bogoted fundamentalist Muslims who are at war with us. George Bush and his administration has foiled no less than 30 terrorist plots against the USA since 9/11. I believe he deserves a lot of credit for that! Senator Obama knows they are at war with the USA. Heknows they have been at war with the USA before 9/11. Yet he continues to insist we send money to the terrorist oil rich nations instead of drilling here. Every dollar we use for oil produced in those nations costs us dearly in terms of American lives. Those dollars go to train terrorists and go to fund their murderous evil activities. Why would Senator Obama continue to help block domestic oil production. He knows oil dollars are being used to fund terrorism.


You see, McCain never attacked the core of Obama's rhetoric. Unless a republican can knock the lynch pins out, The fortress of lies will stand
McCain showed osama for the fraud that he is.
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