Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why people on here mean to President Obama who bring you peace and hope?

Obama make 30 million jobs for your people and make sure everyone get to see doctor. Obama make big corporations pay taxes and poor people get more money so they don't suffer.

You people some don't like that Obama make all people equally happy and not some very and some little? Yes?Why people on here mean to President Obama who bring you peace and hope?I sure hope he is gone soon. Peace will return when he is gone.Why people on here mean to President Obama who bring you peace and hope?
Addressing your points presented, one by one:

1) 30 million jobs in America is nice---but it's only a small ripple in a ocean; that's the size of America's unemployment nightmare we NOW have to deal with.

2) Obamacare does NOT allow EVERYONE to enjoy free doctor visits!! In fact, it doesn't allow ANY free doctor visits. Obamacare simply forbids insurance companies from denying people fair medical care insurance costs by inventing clever reasons for rejecting people seeking help w/ medical bill costs.....and it does a pretty crappy job at that!! But you can see the Democrats who wrote this health care "reform" law---all have submitted their mega-million dollar bills for legal services rendered in writing the complex angles inside Obamacare!!

America currently has a multi-TRILLION dollar deficit, thanks to Obamacare!!

3) Obama cleverly used deceit and flashy speeches on the millions of gullible Americans---who bought into what Obama said to them as truth in what he'd do IF President. So they elected him...and found out TODAY, that Obama has NOT honored a single promise he made to those who voted for him. THAT is why you easily see people become "mean" to Obama.

And just so you know, Obama simply has ZERO qualifications to become U.S. President: Another slap in the face fact those who voted for him NOW come to realize.

You want a QUALIFIED leader for your country ( gathering you're NOT from America )--not one who bumble makes constant mistakes that cost you and your fellow countrymen!! We in America sorely NEED NOW a qualified President---and Obama ain't it.Why people on here mean to President Obama who bring you peace and hope?I am a person living in the UK. I don't know much about Obama's policies etc but he doesn't seem to be on TV here in the UK as much as George W Bush and other US Presidents. Speaking as a British person, no Prime Minister in this country is ever popular and are always made out to be the bad guy. So much so that people just don't vote anymore saying that politicians 'are all the same'. So I guess my answer would be that in the US (like the UK) many politicians can't win, whatever they do, if your a Democrat then I guess Obama is great and if your a Republican then most people will hate him. In the UK we have the same with the Conservatives and Labour, people seem to back their own political parties and very few seem to judge objectively.
Obama didn't make any jobs- he destroyed 8 million jobs and now 5 million more people in America are homeless.
Obamacare is causing people to lose their H.Care Insurance.
Everything Obama claims his policy will do means the exact opposite, I think he sides with Evil Jihadists- Muslim Brotherhood org. He is a Closet Muslim Brotherhood, its getting really obvious! Wish people would WAKE UP!Why people on here mean to President Obama who bring you peace and hope?Wow. The ignorance of some people posting here is phenomenal. As long as the ruling party is the opposite of what our elected officials are there will be anger, disrespect, and dissension. Voting merely along party lines is short sighted and selfish.Why people on here mean to President Obama who bring you peace and hope?
0bama not good president.
0bama very poor president.
0bama hates America.
0bama not saying the truth.
0bama secret muzzie.
This makes you glad. Yes?
Obama brings me stress and worry since im one of those people working my butt off that doesnt have kids i cant afford and gets screwed every fiscal year to pay for people who dont do a damn thing for themselves.Why people on here mean to President Obama who bring you peace and hope?
Yes, Obama is bringing peace and hope to the world.

Now everyone in the world has a chance to be president it is not based on skin color.

Now we do not have a criminal in office.
And you were NOT mean to Bush? Give me a break. Obama likes to spend spend spend and now he wants to spend more on the railroad. Obama deserves the ridicule.
Some little sense you make don't ever would can also obama american not some big muslims do.
Obama does whatever he wants to suit his socialist agenda.
You can't eat a bowl full of hope.
Very funny. obama heap big messiah.
Because I view him as a man, not as some kind of savior parting the Potomac and ascending into the White House.
Whatever. He has done none of those things and you know it.
Hope don't pay the bills.
I knew your father - "Omar the tent maker". Your apple has fallen far from his tree.
Well, we just look at the kind of people who support him...

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