Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why are people still trying to smear Obama good name?

It is not working what a waste of time. The commercial don't work and neither will you. Obama will win this election.

A change is going to come and that change is Obama.

Obama is a Child of God's. Your thoughts? Why are people still trying to smear Obama good name?We are all God's children. We need to vote for future our country and our kids and grand kids. Ask your self this question- what type of world do we want our children to live?

As to the smearing of Obama, I felt sorry for the Republican Party and their candidates John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin. Rather to the end their campaign on a high note they decided to take their campaign to a low road. Pathetic! Why are people still trying to smear Obama good name?
its all they can do......they wont back up any plan they dont have smearing is the next best thing than to actually tell us what mccains plan is.......Why are people still trying to smear Obama good name?I'm in UK but I say Obama all the way.

The other dude (i forget his name sorry) seems "trigger happy" and that woman is the only thing bringing in votes..i think they will lead America down a bad path.

Obama !!
Mis-lead child of God

Change will come, Yes but I prey not what he has in store

Smearing of name? No just stating the facts

May one day your eyes get opened before its to lateWhy are people still trying to smear Obama good name?omg this boy i sit next to just told me how obama is the anti christ be cause someone predicted that the first was neapolian.the second hitler..and now its obama thats supposed to be the last of the anti crist to come.he said he know because its said that the 3rd one will be of muslim background..and speak in high definitions and have a persuasive voice and all that other stuff!Why are people still trying to smear Obama good name?
He is a child of Jeremiah Wright.
I agree and some of the smears were pretty cold, heartless and just downright stupid. People just want to be mean I guess.

Obama/Biden '08

Why are people still trying to smear Obama good name?
I cant even believe that the Obama-ites are letting a lot if real issues fall by the wayside that would cause a Republican to be crucified....

Why wont BO just present a birth certificate and be done with it?

Why did BO sit in a racist white hating church for over 20 years?

Why does BO lie about his involvement with Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist bomber?

Where did all of his campaign money come from, and who are the nameless contributors?

There is no smear, just legitimate questions that have been swept under the Liberal rug.

Look at what has been said about Palin...THAT is what is a smear campaign led by the Obama-ites.

Any single one of these issues would knock a Repub out of contention, but not BO the one chosen thanks to a voter base that cried that Bush is a liar and should be exposed, yet ignores these serious issues about their man BO.

Hypocrisy......pure and simple hypocrisy.
Please note that the smears are personal and uninformed - and aimed at fear mongering.
Yeah! I thought Obama would set race relations back 50 years and have said so on this site. How wrong could I be. A new version of the Black Panthers has been formed.. And the were just shown at a voting site in Pa. and they were providing security. One of the Black Panthers even had a night stick and both were in military type clothing!. One of the nice fellows even said he was tired of White Supremacy And the other nice gentleman told a Fox reporter he shouldn't be there! I guess the Fox reporter is the intimidation liberals are always crying about. And the Black Panther with the weapon is keeping an eye on the Fox reporter and make sure all the poor blacks don't feel threatened. So,I guess I was wrong about Obama. Last night Obama said we needed a civilian force to battle the drug problem in America. I bet the Black Panthers are going to be used in other ways than just guarding the voting places. So,don't be worried when you see these fine gentleman at the voting sites,Their just there to promotes safe voting. Now maybe the KKK can be revived..

And now we can have the KKK and Black Panthers provide security for us. And the KKK and Black Panthers can maybe play touch football on Sundays! So,as I said I was wrong. I was afraid there might be more racial tension with Obama and I was wrong as one of the Black Panthers said white people are still Supreme. But,I thought the Supremes were the Supremes from the 60s were 3 black girls!
you bet ye
I agree with Dave B, %26amp; I also find it strange how not 1, but 2 people from his church were gay, %26amp; supposbly they were suppose to have had a love affair with them EACH, who are now DEAD, but its something NOONE , not even Brack will say anything about them, hey BRACK YOUR SCUM, they were people, they had a life, %26amp; YOU had them snuffed out! Wake up %26amp; stop your damn dreaming, %26amp; this thing abotu being the president is more of a damn dream for you, but its AMERICA"S NIGHTMARE!!!!

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