Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is Obama doing to help his family members in Kenya?

I heard that his brother is making a dollar a day. His family in Kenya longs to come to America and they still stuck in horrible conditions.

I also heard that his children are attending an elite private school. Something tells me they won't be enrolling in DC's notoriously ugly public schools when they move to Washington.

Obama talks about changing the world, he could start with taking care of his own family and leading by example and enrolling his children in public schools so that he experiences our problems first hand.What is Obama doing to help his family members in Kenya?Are you responsible for all your extended family members?

The ones who didn't finish school? The druggies or alcoholics? The unwed teenage mothers?

No. Okay then.

Barack Obama is responsible for his children. No one else. Certainly not the half-brothers that his father begat in Kenya long after Barack was born. I feel for them, as I do all people born into underprivileged societies, but Barack is not responsible for them. He has enough on his plate right now, thank you very much.What is Obama doing to help his family members in Kenya?
Obama has done nothing to help his Kenya relatives. I think

he put tape over their mouths until the election so they'd quit

telling the secret about his birth being there, instead of Hawaii.

He has been pretty slick, but some of his past got public anyway,

such as his pastor, Ayres, Resco, and other thugs. I still don't

understand (or maybe I do) why he wouldn't make public his

birth certificate, his grades at Harvard, and even his medical

records. All the other candidates have. Guess he's "special"

(at least in his and Michelle's eyes).What is Obama doing to help his family members in Kenya?Keyword- you Heard that makes your whole argument null-n-void it seems alot of people turned overnight politicians keep throwing useless false facts at Obama good job republicans if McCain campaign had spent more time tackling issues at hand versus making false statements and talking down on Obama painting him as some monster like you are here then maybe republicans would have won lol look at FOX news they dogged Obama every chance they got where it get them no where Palin and McCain acting a fool pointing fingers at one another blaming one another lol i like it so keep bad mouthing obama and watch him overcome he did it many times before im pretty sure he will do it again i like it ......its time for change maybe you should change your source of like it
silver--he has visited kenya few times since being elected to the US Senate. one of his grandfathers wives (he has 6--he was a muslim) obama considers his grandmother lives there. He also campaigned for Raila Odinga (claims to be a cousin).What is Obama doing to help his family members in Kenya?i don't know as he even knows his family in kenya.

if you dad a children from another marrage that you did not know what would you do to help them?What is Obama doing to help his family members in Kenya?
Well, he did say he'd like to pass a Global Poverty Initiative, but then you Republicans trashed that too.
*most original question of the year*What is Obama doing to help his family members in Kenya?
You need to do some serious research about this subject. Barely worth responding to.
Let me see how long the immigration waiting list is... Hmm another GENERATION of waiting.
why do you care??? oh, that's right, you don't.

You heard it.

So it MUST be true.

How DARE he!

Seriously... who cares. He isn't going to help us, that's my concern.
I am not an Obama supporter, but must we get petty in a time where Our country truly needs to deal with real issues.. I don't give a rats a$$ where his kids go to school, lots of people have a choice in their kids education, If they went to private school before he was President then why would it be an issue now? And as far as his family in Kenya, maybe he's not close to them.. His father did leave when he was a baby, Pretty sure his brother in kenya didn't come from his mother, so why would it be up to Obama to rescue his own family?

I have plenty of family that has it worse than i do but it's not my responsibility to rescue all of them. they need to do it for themselves. I hate to defend Obama but maybe he's not pulling strings for his family to come to America because he feels they need to do it the same way others in Kenya have to, and just because they have a relative in America that is now the most powerful man in the world doesn't make them anymore deserving than other people who may be on a waiting list to come over here.

And lets be honest, If he did pull his family out of that country and bring them to America, You would be criticizing for that. Same with his children's schooling.. If he sent them to Public school in D.C. you would be attacking him for doing so.

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