Sunday, February 5, 2012

Now that Obama has ended the recession, will racist republicans begin to respect him?

Obama saved the US economy that Bush through in the tank. Isn't that enough to deserve a little respect, even from racists?Now that Obama has ended the recession, will racist republicans begin to respect him?lolllllllllllllllllllllll wow the messiah has saved the countryNow that Obama has ended the recession, will racist republicans begin to respect him?
Ended the recession? You are seriously deluded.

You haven't seen anything yet. Unemployment is continuing to climb, and will continue to climb for the rest of 2009 and well into 2010. Unemployment isn't expected to return to 2008 level until perhaps as late as 2013.

And just wait until inflation comes ROARING onto the economic scene. And inflation is the inevitable result of printing billions upon billions of dollars out of thin air.

The economic woes aren't ending, they've only just begun. We have been well and truly screwed by this administration whose deficit spending is greater than all previous presidents from George Washington to George H.W. Bush COMBINED!Now that Obama has ended the recession, will racist republicans begin to respect him?With your question you really do not want an answer you want a debate. Calling Republicans racist is a very ignorant comment. If someone doesn't agree with the President I am confident it has to do with his race. If people of different races were talking bad about President Bush would you deem them racist? However he has not saved the economy and if anything he is adding more debt to it. Since you have apparently been living under a rock this past year I'll inform you that unemployment rates have soared, the debt is steadily increasing, and he is now pushing a 1 trillion dollar health care plan that will cripple the American economy. I hope that this answers your "question" and i hope that in the future you will not post a question that makes you look like a complete bigot.
Well first of all your a troll and an obvious one

now to give you what you want just bc i'm that nice of a person

in case you havent noticed, the economy is worse and has been getting worse by the day hes in office. and it makes you racist to think that everyone who doesnt agree with a black man is racist. and he deserves a lot of respect bc he tricked millions of people with his lies and now they are starting to see that they were tricked and i hope you see that soon enughNow that Obama has ended the recession, will racist republicans begin to respect him?Although the recession is not over. Its far from it, It is slowly becoming better. note the word SLOWLY. This is something that (i know i am going to have someone leave a comment saying your crazy, but)George W. Bush caused. The economy wasn't nearly as bad when Clinton went out. The gas prices were low, the unemployment rate was down, and we were not in AS MUCH debt. Bush left and Gas prices are nearly double, our debt is way way way more what it was, and the unemployment rate is sky high, and the Real-estate market along with more of the automotive market is going to end up going under. Why can't the people open up their eyes and see that Clinton or Obama were not the cause of this. And stop rushing Obama, I read on a news site that he should be impeached because he has not fixed the economy yet.

Give him time, it took W. Bush 8 years to screw it up, So give him at least 4 to fix it before you start to criticize him. And for those who are blaming Clinton, assuming Clinton was PARTLY responsible, Then he screwed it up in 8 years(even though he didn't) and W. Bush screwed it up More in the 8 years he was in SO that means Obama has 16 years of **** to fix. So lay off.Now that Obama has ended the recession, will racist republicans begin to respect him?
Recession hasn't ended. All Obama did was increase the debt by spending money we don't have on worthless pork and saving the people who caused the recession in the first place. The real question is will the Racist blacks and guilty whites realize this come time for re-election? One can only hope.
Enough of the racist crap......we're not nearly out of the woods yet. You maybe forgot his record spending, and coming hyperinflatation, and the end of tax cuts??? Sorry, no respect from here......鈥?/a>Now that Obama has ended the recession, will racist republicans begin to respect him?
Troll! You already asked this a few times haven't you? Same answer as last time.

I would suggest you look at the policies that caused the current recession. Look at the representatives that voted for that policy.(give you a hint, Bush wasn't one of them)
I appreciate the fact that you have swallowed the Democratic line....hook, line and sinker.....but, please answer this ....

What exactly did he do to get us out, and with unemployment headed to double digits, purchasing down, and other negative indicators, when exactly DID it end?
Did faux news tell you the recession is over, cause the last I heard the FDIC is running out of money, which means everyones money is about to not be insured. From racists do you mean his own cabinet?
The economy is in a slow recovery, but the recession isn't over yet.

Consumer spending has to pick up for us to come full circle.
He didint save the counrty.

If anybody saved the counrty it was Bernard Bernake.

He is the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Your dumb!! =]
They must have started a brand new recession right after the one you think ended, because it seems even worse now that Obama is going full tilt bozo.
The recession has not ended. The assumption in your question is wrong. And, please don't throw around the word "racist" like that. That's rude and ignorant.
This question has been asked so many times and I am going to hope that this is just a troll being funny. The economy isn't fixed.
I see that you have not evaluated the economy, job losses, or the Socialist agenda of your precious Obama.
Sorry not everyone sees him as a "savior", apparently neither do the polls or the unemployment rates.
One Term Barry the incompetent boob is a miserable failure who has quadrupled the federal deficit in seven months.
I will wait until people are getting their jobs back before answering your question. Until then, your claim has no proof.
The recession is nowhere close to ending you idiot.
Are you kidding? They hate him even more now that all the leading economic indicators are pointing up.
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha your a obama *********.
the recession ended?
Good grief son, put down the drugs and pick up a paper and read the truth.
he ended the recession? news to me.
Saved? You are kidding, right?
what the hell are you smoking???...I want some too!
Didn't you ask this same question yesterday....

didn't like the answers huh?
it must be nice to live in fantasy land

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