Thursday, February 9, 2012

How will Obama as President change our lives in 2009?

I can see less spending money, more taxes and more crime in our nation.

Many blacks will think they own the country, causing racial divides.

Terrorist will attack us because they will not fear someone who has Muslim and terrorist friends.

Senior citizens who depend on Medicare Advantage plans for their health care will loose it and be forced to get along without proper coverage, no prescription drug coverage, etc.

How do you see our future with Obama as President?How will Obama as President change our lives in 2009?With exception to increased taxes, I don't think the things you said will happen. Everyone wants the Government to do, support, and provide...but no one wants to pay for it. That's how you get the kind of deficit GW has left us with.How will Obama as President change our lives in 2009?
If Obama wins, a Congress with a 9% approval rating will be given a blank check to do what they want.

Who do you think will give the orders, Obama, or Pelosi, Kennedy, etc?How will Obama as President change our lives in 2009?Instead of "win one for the Gipper" it will be win one for the Bummer.
Depression and WORLD WAR.How will Obama as President change our lives in 2009?It's a very bleak future with Obama at the helm.How will Obama as President change our lives in 2009?
Goodbye to my investments!
I think you have it pretty much figured out my friend.How will Obama as President change our lives in 2009?
You are on the right track !
Wow, you seem positively terrified. Stop being so spineless. If worse comes to worst, you can just be a man and defend yourself and your family.
Read the "Communist Manifesto". Then you shall have your answer, young grasshopper
One word:


All of his advisers will confuse this peanut that nothing will get done.
I see a large mushroom cloud expanding over New York City when Obama is put to the test by Bin Laden.
the housing crisis will be a serious concern.


we will be taxed so much, we won't be able to afford our mortgage anymore and we'll have to move to the ghetto.

hey !!

then we can ask obama to support us.

if everyone quits their job, who will pay welfare?

bankrupt people and crime too
it will be Horrible!!!!

i wont think i rule the country
Just like they said man something's going to happen to him and Mccain is gonna win.
I disagree with each of your points vehemently. But then again, you've had too much doom and gloom from your candidate!
True, patriotic Americans don't want the Mr. Friendly Government to change their lives. True, patriotic Americans want the government to stay out of their lives as much as it possibly can. Don't even think about a future Obama presidency, because it won't happen.
*raise taxes for everyone

*give tax cuts to people that dont even pay taxes

*the terrorists will attack us when we stop the war

*blacks will think they own the country

*more crime

i see our future being absolutely horrible if stupid obama gets elected

They couldn't do worse then they have been. Republicans have trashed this country. That is why a liberal black politician is even competitive in this election. Republicans need to get out of the way. They have spread the wealth to the wealthy. McCain will continue that!!!
I'm BLACK and I KNOW I don't run the country.

A country that doesn't even like me because I'm black?

How can you even say a thing like that? YOU are the reason why the rest of the world hates the U.S.

How DARE YOU judge me like that not even me but my race. Not only have you offended me but you've offended the whole African American race.
So when Obama is able to end the War in Iraq peacefully, restore faith in the government and get people back to work are you going to admit you were wrong?

Yeah, didn't think so. I remember you Republicans when Bill Clinton was in office and 75% approval rating but you had to impeach him. You people are pathetic. Shameful!
It took 8 years to get this country in the mess it is in.

Please don't expect it to be fixed in one year.
Obama plans to change our lives verbally..that's it. No actions that speak louder than his words to date!
This would have been a valid question if you would have left out the scathing commentary about blacks owning the country and senior citizens losing their health care benefits. First off, the fact that you think that "blacks will think they own the country, causing racial divides" is the result of specious reasoning and just plain ignorance. Many white people have claimed to "own the country" for centuries, and it has never been a problem. People only get afraid when their notions of power are at stake, and based on your comment, you feel more powerful having a white man as president of this country. It really shouldn't matter what color Barack Obama is; it should matter that he is making an honest effort to change this mess that our nation is in. I think you and any person who agrees with you about your claim against black people are only voting for McCain because you would never dream of voting for a black man, regardless of his qualifications. McCain has proven to be unworthy of the presidency on several occasions, and Sarah Palin is a caricature of the general conservative mind. I would be very afraid to have the McCain/Palin administration in office given the big mess our country is in right now. People get real, soul search, do whatever you have to do to realize that Obama is our last hope.
If you can see more taxes, you are looking through glasses with shifted focus. In fact, McCain supported the tax plan now proposed by Obama when McCain ran for nomination in 2000. Now McCain calls it socialism, go figure.

"Senior citizens who depend on Medicare Advantage plans for their health care will loose it"

This is a lie. In fact, Republicans passed a bill that would have eliminate Medicare through privatization in 1996. Fortunately, Clinton vetoed the bill. We know what would have happened to Medicare if it was tied to the stock market.

I see redirecting federal money away from wasteful expenses (like a billion a month in Iraq with no results) to infrastructure and health care programs, which will take care of senior citizens' needs as well as the prescription coverage that concerns you.

Racial divides will be healed, and are already healing as can be seen by the early voting results.

Terrorists will have less excuses to hate the United States, we will regain respect in the international community, and diplomacy will resolve several conflicts that should have been handled already.

Companies will actually considering keeping jobs for Americans instead of sending them overseas, because they will get tax credits for doing so. More American jobs, hooray!

Sounds good to me.
men will be beating their wives %26amp; women wont be able to show any skin.
just how you described it is exactly what will happen.
if hes elected to be in office im moving to canada..lolz
aw man ur racist

i hope he brings chaos so i can rob everyone

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