Sunday, February 5, 2012

How much will the Bin Laden kill help Obama in 2012?

Considering by then it really will be old news?

And considering Obama didn't do any planning of the mission %26amp; just said ok?

Wont Americans be more concerned about the economy than some guy that was killed a couple years ago after hiding out for a decade?How much will the Bin Laden kill help Obama in 2012?Obama can't take ANY credit for the bin Laden raid / kill; only that the event happened on Obama's watch as president. Orders to train for and hunt down / kill Osama bin Laden originated long long ago--by signed executive orders from President Bush; call it a "death edict", if you'd like. In the years since Bush's executive orders were stated, U.S. Special Forces and CIA have jointly been working on hunting down and finding the perfect time to carry out Bush's order.

Again, on Obama's watch---that perfect time came...and U.S. Navy Seals were more than trained / ready to carry out Bush's orders. But I did find it laughable Obama stood before us all---and tried to take full credit for the raid....only to, days later, be CALLED OUT ON IT ( yeah!! ), prompting Obama to officially congratulate Bush on HIS plans, which DID work after all.

If Obama's re-election / PR people use the bin Laden raid / kill in Obama's favor---it's a clear sign that Obama's popularity points are STILL FALLING....and the strategy WILL backfire, big time. Why???

1) Obama personally, over secured phone lines, ORDERED U.S. Navy and military personnel on board the aircraft carrier bin Laden's body was placed on---to give bin Laden a "proper" Islamic tradition funeral!! A WAY over the top token act of forgiveness for pure evil---who killed thousands of Americans....ON U.S. SOIL!!!

2) Obama DEFIED calls and requests from politicians ON BOTH SIDES for public release of the photos showing bin Laden's dead body!! How you think THAT sat well w/ surviving family of 9/11 victims and the rest of US---who were, and still are for that matter, affected by that horrible tragic day???

Smart responsible VOTERS should be more concerned with how WORSE the economy has fallen during Obama's presidency---an economy Obama recently said GOT BETTER DURING his presidency!!! Obama's brazen disconnection to what REALLY is happening to OUR country should also be a MAJOR concern to VOTERS, too.How much will the Bin Laden kill help Obama in 2012?
I don't know bro.. I'm sure President O will remind us though!How much will the Bin Laden kill help Obama in 2012?If all he simply said was ok, then what was all the controversy during his campaign election of going into Pakistan? Why was entering Pakistan controversial? How could someone assume that assassinating Bin Laden was just by chance under the current administration when Bush couldn't catch him in over 7 years? I don't care if Obama gets credit or not. My fellow Americans are about as ignorant as they come, spurious, and specious when it comes to reason-ability and facts.
Did he really get him? Why are all the witnesses dead? Some said he has been dead for years.

If I was Obama I wouldn't bring it up or he will be slapped with questions of why you so quickly dumped him in the sea? Then again he has this so called movie from his Hollywood crowd which will be coming out right before the elections about the Bin Laden Catch. That will be interesting.How much will the Bin Laden kill help Obama in 2012?When people are hungry, that sort of thing will not matter.How much will the Bin Laden kill help Obama in 2012?
Not as much as killing off all the Navy SEALS that could refute his claim will.
NONE unless the killing somehow "created jobs"... about the only thing that Obama accomplished to which this claim was not made.How much will the Bin Laden kill help Obama in 2012?
obama had nothing to do with it. he was the one who wanted to leave the middle east. the real credit should go towards the seals

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