Thursday, February 2, 2012

How can Obama be black if a white woman gave birth to him?

His father(African) is from Kenya and his mother(Caucasian) is from Kansas.This would make Obama mixed like a mulatto,yet America and many countries consider him black.That like saying his mother's heritage don't count,and that the "one drop of African blood" makes a person entirely black just because his dad has dominant genes.Other than that

he's still the president.How can Obama be black if a white woman gave birth to him?hes mixed cuz of his dad half white/blackHow can Obama be black if a white woman gave birth to him?
I don't think race plays a part in his ability to run a country. When I voted for any president I did so based on ALL the facts presented. Race played no part in my desicion. What I have read is that many african americans that voted for Obama, voted for the first time in their lives. To me that says a lot. So what this is saying is that some people voted for him specificaly because he is black. This is a form of racism and I think it's sad. With over 50% of the votes in the country, he had to have a significant of votes from all races...not just one. That fact that many have voted for him based on his me thats moving backwards and it saddens me. You can stop racism by showing a good example and showing good morals but don't expect to stop racism with racism.How can Obama be black if a white woman gave birth to him?Well some say it really only matters what your dad is so based off that,he is black since his dad is.

But you are right,his mom is white, so yeah he is half black and half white. I guess it just depends on what you believe. But usually most mixed people will claim one side over the other,which most claim black.I know a girl who has a white dad and black mom but she and her sister claim the black side which those who say it only matters what the father is,would probably disagree with.

But honestly most people these days are probably mixed anyhow. And well people can only trace their lineage so far,so really nobody can prove they are "pure" whatever race they are or 100%.
same way Dinah Shore was black because a grandparent was biracial.

In many areas of the US, legally a person is considered black, of color or nonwhite if he/she is not of 100% white lineage, and he doesn't have 1 drop of African blood, his father is Kenyan. Maybe we could just consider him 100% American.How can Obama be black if a white woman gave birth to him?He's considered black because this country is still blinded by racist issues to this day. Many of the race issues of the country are not even recognized by the majority. We still have tons of programs like scholarships based upon skin color. Why not base it on income? This country will never get over its racism until we start to truly see beyond skin color.How can Obama be black if a white woman gave birth to him?

Learn about the history of black people and how black women slaves were raped by white men and give birth to millions of half black half white people.

And that's why so many black people today are so light skinned and Obama is know different.
I knoooow right! Everyone is like "My president is black" and I'm like "Id just like to remind you, he is just as much white as he is black"How can Obama be black if a white woman gave birth to him?
I don't know why people ask this question about mixed race people. Read about American history, and you will see that the one drop rule was created and used by Whites to oppress African Americans.
You'd do better looking into American history.

There was a 1 drop rule, where by the white ruling class denied kinship to anyone having 1 drop of non-white blood...seems to still be alive %26amp; well.
He's biracial but he classify his self as black so if he has no problem calling himself black than I don't see why anyone else should.
I too have a white mother and black father. I list my race as black because I look black. If I had looked white I no doubt would list my race as white.
His Father is African, and if his mother is Caucasian then there is still a chance he'd be african. Because his Father is.
The black features are more dominate of a black mand then of a white man.
his dad is black and therefore he's not completely white, and people then class him as black.

hes a cool guy anyways
He's half black.
Society picks the color they see the most of. Just like Tiger Woods or Halle Berry.
his dads dna is the dominant side hence why he is also a male
His Dad is BLACK
He never claimed to be black.
his dad is black not trying to be racist or anything, but obama is black
I took a real long look at Obama and...he is brown........

and I am green.... as well as racially color blind......
I believe that he is black based on the fact that people see you for who you are on the outside. If you look black then your black. If you look white then your white. Although, its based on the one drop rule, that was adopted by a white person. Most whites in earlier years did not accept individuals who had even one drop of black blood in their veins so that is what has been the case for centuries. But he is whatever he has chosen to be and he feels black, looks black, has married black and has black kids. Hope it was inlightening for you. I don't think that he does denies his mother for without her there would be no him, but its based on his life experiences and what his mother and grand parents have raised him to understand about himself. Believe me when I say this that most mixed people feel the effects of hateful causes of racisms only thing is that they feel it coming from both sides of the color line. An example can be like this, if a mixed person is looking white maybe has green eyes good hair light in complextion, has manners and doesn't use ebonics or doesn't dance well or wear weaves. Most of the time she gets the bs from the black side and is more acceptable to the white side. But if she is the same description but dates, acts, moves, and cooks very well, then she most likely is seen as someone who is a want a be or has been around a lot of blacks to have skills and being able to know certain lango or do certaing things that God forbid only black women can do. Do you understand what I'm saying. Hope this was helpful

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