Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why is Obama considered a good presidential candidate?

I've read his ideas, and I think they're useless. He proves nothing and is completely inexperienced. But I want to be fair and give his supporters a chance to explain... Why do you think Obama is so great?Why is Obama considered a good presidential candidate?Obama is a hopeless optimist and he fools people (by being a very good speaker) into thinking that change of any kind at this point is what we deserve. I don't want change for the sake of change, and I don't want a well spoken president that cannot actually get anything done. I don't know why people think he is the candidate who can actually change things. I'm not sold on Obama, I think he's a fraud and if he is elected, Oprah will be the insider who decides what needs changing. If he wins the democratic nomination, I will probably still vote for him but if any other democrat was in his position right now, I'd feel a lot more hopeful about the future.

At least he doesn't claim that the way to fix everything is to cut taxes. Don't get me wrong, I don't like paying taxes either, but you don't get out of debt by spending and borrowing more from China. The things Americans will believe...Chuck Norris would make a great Secretary of State, don't you watch Walker Texas Ranger?, HonestlyWhy is Obama considered a good presidential candidate?
Because the media sheeple think it would be cool to elect a black guy. Run Shaquil Oniel and you'd get the same results.Why is Obama considered a good presidential candidate?its the medias fault, younger people r more influenced by it!

damn MTVWhy is Obama considered a good presidential candidate?
Because most people just vote for whoever the TV tells them to. The democrats messed up my squeezing John Edwards out of the race. He was their one real shot at the White House.

McCain for President 2008!Why is Obama considered a good presidential candidate?He makes good speaches,even though some have been stolen from some else,what he promises and what he can do as president are two different things,first of all this country is broke,our government is borrowing money from other countries just to pay the billsWhy is Obama considered a good presidential candidate?
the band aid they are putting on the economy is only covering a bleeding artery. the next president will take the fall when the bottom falls out. if its the first black president or woman, you will see neither race or gender be a factor for president for a long time to come
He's for Change! Dang where have you been?

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