Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why does Obama think insulting the electorate is a winning strategy?

Americans are so "scared" they're not thinking straight about the upcoming Elections, President Obama said over the weekend, as he sought to explain why voters are turning to Republican Candidates. The president, speaking at several rallies and Fundraisers as part of his final get-out-the-vote stretch, said Republican Candidates are "playing on fear" and suggested voters are falling for it.Why does Obama think insulting the electorate is a winning strategy?Well, if saying that voters are being misled is somehow "insulting" them, then how bad of an insult is it to mislead them in the first place?

Voters are too smart to believe the Republican bs that got us into this mess in the first place. When the Repubs take control of the House, they are going to roll back every bit of progress that Obama and the Dems fought for, and then blame them all for all the mess that their rollback will create, as well as everything else that happened from 2000-2008.

Same old bs. One day, Americans will wake up to the fact that the Republcans don't care about anyone making under $250K per year. Unless it is to step in and say they cannot get married, or exercise their Constitutional right to choose whether or not to have a baby.Why does Obama think insulting the electorate is a winning strategy?
And you think it's not true?

Beck (just in the last three days)

Beck: "Don't let the intimidation of rocks and agitators suppress you" from voting

"Beck began his discussion of voter-fraud allegations by telling his audience to "[e]xpect the fraud. Expect the intimidation. It's all been done before."

Beck: "Most of the violence is coming from the left"

Beck promises to "scare the bat snot out of you in the next hour"

Beck continues invoking fears of hyperinflation: "The Weimar moment" will come after Election Day

There are thousands more...maybe you prefer Limbaugh

Limbaugh: "Vote Democrat" if you want more money "taken out of your already small paychecks"

Limbaugh urges listeners to resist impulse "to not kick these Democrats when they're down"

Limbaugh: Obama is "no more in the center than Adolf Hitler was in the center, or Mao Zedong was in the center"

Limbaugh refers to the president as "Imam Obamadinejad"

The fear is in the candidates and the right-wing media. Open your eyes..Why does Obama think insulting the electorate is a winning strategy?Submitted the day AFTER Election Day: Obama's pre-Election Day speeches surely resonated signs of worry and stress; he knew there would be SOME Republican gains in Congress---but I'm quite sure he had NO idea it'd mean a FULL Republican control of The House.....and a razor thin edge towards Republican Senate domination.

Put it this way: 1 minute, 5 seconds left in the game: The Republicans are ahead by a touchdown--and---have ball control, courtesy of a Democrat fumble. Ball deep in Republican territory, Obama is on the Democrat sidelines.....frustrated as the Republicans run down the clock by "taking a knee" to secure their eventual win of the game.

That pretty much sums up matters for Obama; the angry voter core of America has spoken--and they're FAR from being done yet.

Despite Obama's scare tactic efforts, the next to worse case scenario has unfolded for him as a Democrat President; he's fairly much neutralized for the next two years. And bet the bank, literally, the angry voters won't cool down till they go full throttle at striking back again against the Democrats---with aims for Obama--in 2012.

Amongst Obama's inner circle, there'll be plenty of angry finger pointing and likely some resignations forthcoming very soon; the Democrats have only themselves to blame.
Me thinks it is the president who is fear mongering, and dividing this great nation. He is focused on one thing, and that is his progressive agenda, and he preys on the ignorant in this country. That's how he thinks it is working, that and the fact that he is a narcissistic elitist!

Thankfully, the majority of Americans have common sense and don't buy it.

MRWhy does Obama think insulting the electorate is a winning strategy?Frankly, if you look at any of the campaign ads this election season (from either party), I think it's pretty safe to say that it's the actual candidates who are insulting the electorate. Obama is just making the assumption that those ads are effective.Why does Obama think insulting the electorate is a winning strategy?
Because he is the most arrogant and useless president ever. He is so over his head and it never occurred to him that he would lose the house so he bated the Republicans and ignored the electorate so has got what he deserves.

The Democrats will dump him soon or he will resign in a sulk because you stopped worshiping him.
You aren't scared?

Foxpublicans have been desperately trying to stoke fears - example, beck's death bunker or whatever silly crap he's up to these days.

Poll: Americans Don't Know Economy Expanded With Tax Cuts…

Eight False Things the Public “Knows” Prior to Election Day…

From Obama, the Tax Cut Nobody Heard Of…Why does Obama think insulting the electorate is a winning strategy?
He likes to insult people. he is a Narcissist!

Whose side are YOU on?

Vote Republican Tomorrow, November 2nd. yes We Can Take Back America from the Elitish S0cialists.

May G0d Bless You is what The Paul G would say,
THE VOICE, of the American Voter will be heard Loud and Clear, come tuesday.

Tuesday night around 10 PM EST. Obama will be cowering in the Oval office. He

will be looking for a hand to hold. For he will become one lonely empty suit. No one

to buy his Bullshit anymore. No one to stand with him anymore. Just those who would

just as soon run over him. He will be one BIG *** LAME DUCK.
Obama is a moron. He doesn't know what to say. It wasn't hard convincing a neighborhood of ghetto welfare recipients when he was a community organizer/local crime boss. Seems like most people would know that by now.
And don't forget when he refers to republicans as 'Enemies" that can come along, but have to sit in the back seat. Or people clinging to the guns and bibles. he truly is ignorant if he thinks he's not insulting half the country at least.
Obama sees himself becoming a lame duck halfway through his first term and he doesn't have a clue as to how to work with a Republican Congress (not that he has any intention of doing so). He is getting desperate and beginning to panic.
He's right.

As evidence just look at the ads we've seen this past weekend. GOP and Republican candidate lies, corporate funded attack ads about nothing but fear mongering, no facts, no issues, just scare tactics.
Same old game, new players. Liberal Democrats have all ways played the fear mongering game and claim that it is the Conservative Republicans that do it. It really is a pathetic tactic.
When they can't conceive of a strategy and make a good argument as to why America should be destroyed so that the parasitic Leftists and Marxists can have their dictatorship by the elites, then they will stoop to any tactic no matter how irrational it sounds.
He thinks he's superior to others. Clinton told him to know of this type of attitude, when Obama went after the Tea party. This is mild compared to what he was doing before.
Obama will lose here is blog post on it
That's what marxists do. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. Mao did it. All marxist leaders do it.
0bama is insane and getting ready to snap or the most ignorant politician alive. Maybe both.
Because he hasn't wised up enough to realize that he's lost the support of much of his own voting base. They guy is still running his 2008 election.

The only people sticking by him are the lunatic fringe.
He's right, No one who votes for republican is thinking straight
That is an opinion delivered as rhetoric, not an insult.
He's ego won't allow him to to think any disagreement is anything but insanity.
He doesn't see us as the electorate he sees us as his servants.
I would think your typical of the person who is too scared to think straight.
Because he is arrogant
He was an inexperienced pick from the beginning (thanks Ted Kennedy)
No. he is not insulting the electorate troll. He is not a Republican tea-bagger
I can recall Karl Rove and deadeye dick and their terra, terra, terra campaign.
Because people like me APPRECIATE when a President tells the truth.
If the truth is insulting to you that's your problem. Saying people are acting on fear isn't an insult.

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