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Why does Obama and the democrats want us to wait until 2013 for their wonderful healthcare reform to take?


Obama said we couldn't have economic recovery until we had healthcare reform, does that mean we have to wait until 2013 for the economy to recover too?Why does Obama and the democrats want us to wait until 2013 for their wonderful healthcare reform to take?You think we can fix the economy overnight? It took Bush and The republicans EIGHT YEARS to screw it up!Why does Obama and the democrats want us to wait until 2013 for their wonderful healthcare reform to take?
Nothing Obama says makes any sense.Why does Obama and the democrats want us to wait until 2013 for their wonderful healthcare reform to take?The underlying fallacious assumptions in those ideas are nauseating.

Health care reform is not a driver of overall economic trends, and never will be.
An architect lays out plans for a building, the next day the building is in place, true or false.

Also, it may be 2013 before a full recovery.Why does Obama and the democrats want us to wait until 2013 for their wonderful healthcare reform to take?Obama is an airhead. He is not fit to be the leader of this great nation.Why does Obama and the democrats want us to wait until 2013 for their wonderful healthcare reform to take?
The plan won't take effect, but the taxes will. This is a way to raise taxes for four years claiming it's for health-care, but when health-care actually launches they'll have an excuse to raise them more. Democrats want to raise taxes, but they know they'll never get reelected if they do so. They will invent a crisis in 2013 that the media will buy and push getting backing to again raise taxes.
They want to collect taxes for 3 years before they implement this plan. Where will the money go? To pork projects.Why does Obama and the democrats want us to wait until 2013 for their wonderful healthcare reform to take?
Because they're hoping Obama will be re-elected. They know if they enact their Health care reform too soon, he wouldn't get re-elected.

Over 80% of Americans are happy with their care.
You think they can just snap their fingers and the whole thing puts itself together?
For the same reason it took 3 years for conservatives to implement the new Medicare prescription drug benefit....which was not nearly as robust as the health care plan. Implementing a program on the national level, takes time....obviously.

Signed in 2003, took affect in 2006 !....

From the time Bush signed that medicare legislation.... 3 years passed before it actually took affect - FACT
You know the answer.

Because he wants to be re-elected before the farce of a health care bill passes.
To give insurance companies a chance to compete.
Actually, he said the two go hand in hand, given the fact that each day 14,000 more people lose their health insurance.

2013 is the earliest date by which both Congress and private HMO's can have the new policies up and running. You will need time to form new policies, to implement cost saving procedures, to change medical records, to provide new plans, to choose those new plans, so that HMO's can legitimately compete. For the party that says this bill will 'force you into government run health care' you seem to be pushing for that to happen by demanding that the new health care policies take effect immediately, without a chance for HMO's to change their own policies.
If the Republicans wouldn't keep pushing against every breathe he takes, we would have had it by now.

So do you want it, or not? Make up your mind Repubes.
I would like to see it implemented sooner. But I don't see any Democrats *or* any Republicans pushing for that. Do you?
It is simple really....the majority of moderates and independents support health care delaying reform until 2013 Obama/Democrats will be able to use it to beat Republicans to death in the elections by telling the absolute truth...that Republicans are OWNED by the Insurance Industry and will kill reform should they be elected back into power.

Healthcare reform will be a long used tool by Democrats for years to come...more so when Americans get use to paying less for health care...the attack will be "Elect Republicans and they will reach into your wallet, take your money, and give it to their Rich Masters in the Insurance Industry".

When people are use to paying less for something as important in their lives as healthcare, they will NOT vote for anyone who will increase those costs....and that means Greed driven Republicans.

Obama is smarter than any Republican...isn't he? :-)
Because they are hoping we will forget what is in it.

I have received a Special Report from the tax analysis and research company CCH (dated Oct 13, 2009) that lays out some of the health care reform tax issues. I think many people will be interested.

Under the Senate Finance Committee (SFC) plan, the expected bill will be $829 billion with about $300 billion in revenue raising measures. I guess they plan on just borrowing the other $529 billion? That or they are going to cut payments to doctors. Doesn鈥檛 that make you want to get into the medical field?

Details are currently sketchy, but there are a few core concepts and proposals known. First of all, all individuals will be required to have health insurance. Failure to do so will result in a fine per person up to $3000/year. This is a non-refundable tax, so if you have any kind of losses or refundable tax credit (earned income or additional child tax credits) it will eat into those amounts. There will be subsidies for those making under 200% of poverty level (about $44k for a family of four. House plan calls for credits to everyone making up to twice that) to purchase health insurance. The house plan also applies a surtax on income; 2.5% of your adjusted gross income less an exemption and your standard deduction. This tax is in addition to regular tax and your alternative minimum tax. Also, the plan calls for increasing the threshold for deducting medical expenses from 7.5% of AGI to 10%. So if you have high bills that allow you to itemize your medical expenses, the bar would be raised and you will, in essence, be getting a tax increase.

Secondly, every employer currently offering health insurance must do so at a government proscribed level or be subject to an additional payroll tax. This would apply to all employers with more than 50 employees, or most of the businesses out there.

Third, high cost plans would be taxed. A high cost plan would be one that costs $8000 for an individual and $21,000 for a family. Note this is the total cost of the plan, not just what the employee pays. This is going to hit high risk folks (policemen, firefighters, miners, etc) extremely hard, as well as unionized workers who tend to have high cost health coverage heavily subsidized. By the way, healthcare includes medical, dental, vision, and flexible spending plans.

And here is one that is sure to raise rates. The SFC plan calls for a non-deductable fee on healthcare related industries. Since they cannot deduct this on their tax returns, they will have to recoup it by raising prices.

The SFC plan would make the IRS responsible to auditing all non-profit 501(c )3 hospitals every 3 years to make sure they are providing benefits to government standards. Audits mean additional costs, and less services to be provided.

Completely unrelated to healthcare, the SFC plan would repeal first in 鈥?first out accounting methods for businesses. This would mean a tax increase of about $61 billion. Hardest hit would likely be small retailers.

Finally, under the Bush era prescription drug plan, employers can exclude 28% of the cost of drugs paid for the benefit of retirees. The SFC plan would eliminate this, making it more likely that they will not do it, tagging every retiree with additional cost.

In my opinion, this is a very expensive bill that does not address some of the core problems of the health insurance industry. Instead of capping litigation costs and allowing companies to operate across state lines, they want to hit us with a huge bill that will cause us all to pay more in the end. I HOPE I will have some CHANGE left when it is all over.

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