Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where does Obama get off calling the situation in Honduras a military coup?

Their President, with the aid of Hugo Chavez printing the ballots, tries to force an illegal referendum, in violation of their Constitution, so that term limits will not force him out of office this winter.. The government, backed by the law of the land, forces him out of office when he refuses to desist. Could it be that Obama has plans to do the same thing in 2016? Become President For Life? He's already acting just like the other dictators, Chavez and Castro. Might as well make it "legal".Where does Obama get off calling the situation in Honduras a military coup?Is this a little preview as to what we can expect here? Maybe he has plans to change our Constitution even more to be able to be the president forever as is Chavez, and Castro.

He has no right interfering there when he refused to meddle with Iran. But, wait a minute, he chose to meddle with Israel too didn't he?


~Where does Obama get off calling the situation in Honduras a military coup?
he doesn't want to offend his buddies Chavez and CastroWhere does Obama get off calling the situation in Honduras a military coup?Its true its an ugly situation but...

If the military kidnaps the president and exports him, that's what we laymen generally call a military coup, no matter how justified.
The military was used to change the head of government.

Sounds like a textbook definition of military coup.Where does Obama get off calling the situation in Honduras a military coup?I think the people of Honduras had every right to remove the guy. Obama and his merry band of dictators can be hanged.Where does Obama get off calling the situation in Honduras a military coup?
Uh, the UN doesn't seem to agree with you:

"A one-page resolution — sponsored by countries often at loggerheads, including the United States and Venezuela — passed by acclamation after sustained applause in the 192-member body. It condemned Mr. Zelaya’s removal as a coup and demanded his “immediate and unconditional restoration” as president."
Regardless, it was a military coup of the military was involved. I'm not saying they didn't do the right thing, but it can still be called a military coup. (And liberals were afraid that Bush would try something like the former President of Honduras was doing. Obama's the one supporting him, isn't he?)

Ooooo...the UN doesn't agree with you. I don't agree with much of what the UN does. How about you?Where does Obama get off calling the situation in Honduras a military coup?
The Honduran Supreme Court issued a warrant for his arrest to the military. The Congress opposed him. The new pres belongs to the same political party as Zelaya.

Who do you suppose knows more about the Honduran constitution and laws: The Honduran Supreme Court, or Barry Obama?
I like how people who don't know anything about the law or political system in Honduras are now pretending to be experts. Are you really claiming that you've reviewed the Honduran laws on the subject and have concluded based on this review that the referendum was illegal? That's a joke.

When the military forces a democratically elected leader out of the country at gunpoint, that's a coup. If he was breaking the law, the Honduran constitution provides a mechanism to remove him through the power of law and the courts. Why do you hate democracy? Why do you hate rule of law?
Reread the story, you may understand it the next time
He doesn't want to give his own Military any ideas...

Obama is against freedom.
The military coup, orchestrated in Honduras, will fail because it was carried out in order to prevent participation of the people in its own government. Those that defend the violent removal of a President care very little for justice, even though they hide their illegal actions behind a court ruling. A court that is dominated by an elite group working to sabotage progress in Honduras............
Mind your own business and just pay your

I've waited 8 years to say that!
It was a coup, but it was to stop Zuleta from becoming a dictator. It was in defense of the democracy of Honduras. Zuleta wanted to make changes to the constitution that were illegal.

Obama is a putz and anti-democracy. He ignores the people in Iran that want democracy, yet responds immediately to a president that was overthrown because he was trying to become a dictator.
Dam you are dumb. Just plain dumb
For the same reasons he chose not to take a position regarding the rigged election that put a narcissistic egomaniacal islamic into office in Iran.

Professional courtesy.

Not wanting to set a precendent.

Here is your Change, Hope you like it.
He doesn't. It's funny how he'll stick his nose into Honduras in order to defend a tyrant, but will barely say anything about Iran when their people try to remove their tyrant.

Same ole Obama...
It was clearly a military coup. The military is stopping a referendum that would allow a popular President to continue in office. But the people are standing up. Your claim that Obama wishes to be President for life is utter nonsense.
Of course he has plans for 2016. But first he needs to pack the U S supreme court with judges who will rubber stamp his actions. Maintain control of congress and keep his lap dogs in the main stream media in check. After all with all of his plans and goals and as young as he is he needs at least four or five more terms to accomplish everything.
If Comrade Obama can convince the United States and the rest of the world that the situation in Honduras is a coup, then when that pesky 22nd amendment to our Constitution gets in his way, he can simply side-step it. Our "professor" of "constitutional law" is finding every loophole he can use to further his socialist agenda.

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