Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you consider irrational Obama haters just racists in disguise?

I can understand if someone hates Obama for rational reasons, but there are many out there hating him for irrational reasons - for example, some are STILL questioning about Obama's place of birth even though this issue has been resolved by court, by the Hawaii state government, etc.

So, if it barks like a dog, acts like a dog, smells like a dog, it probably is a dog?Do you consider irrational Obama haters just racists in disguise?I agree with you completely. Tea baggers didn't bat an eye while Bush took the Federal surplus left by the Clinton Administration and gave it to the rich as a tax break. They didn't bat an eye as prices for homes skyrocketed because of false appraisals. They didn't bat an eye as Bush ran two wars off the books and left the bills for our kids to pay. They didn't bat an eye as Wall Street and big banks paid their CEOs $millions in bonuses while they lost money for their stockholders and investors. They didn't bat an eye as interstate bridges fell into rivers. They didn't bat an eye as big insurance companies kicked their PAID policy holders off their policies when they actually got sick. But suddenly, this stuff is important and why in the heck hasn't Obama fixed it? Look at the constant harping about his golf games. Yet anyone who actually looks at the facts:

--"Despite two wars and an economic collapse crowding his plate, Obama's taken comparatively little time off.

According to a tally kept by Mark Knoller, a CBS News reporter long recognized by the White House as authoritative on such matters, Obama has spent all or part of 65 days on vacation, including days at Camp David. At this point in his tenure, George W. Bush had spent 120 days. That included 13 trips to his Texas ranch."--Do you consider irrational Obama haters just racists in disguise?
Sure their are Irrational haters of Obama, but are they racist? I think some of them are but some are just ****ing crazy. However most of the haters of Obama are not irrational, in fact they are trying to protect the interests of their families and country as Obama is doing his best to sabotage the country. That is because he is a Marxist and wants to wreck the country and change it from the brightest symbol of freedom in the world to a symbol of chaos and anarchy. I'm not crazy and my beliefs are not unfounded. Obama spent much of his life in the company of Jeremiah Wright who constantly preaches hatred towards america, and Bill Aires who was mostly responsible for the weather underground bombings and who was planning to murder 1/4 of the population because he needed to reeducate Americans to accept anarchy. Every thing Obama has done since entering office has played into the hands of America's enemies. He has made america appear weak by bowing to the Emperor of Japan and China and by supporting Palestine and Condemning Israel. He is the worst president we have ever had. And its good in a way because its reminding people why we don't want liberal government.Do you consider irrational Obama haters just racists in disguise?I don't like Obama at all and if someone tells me I'm a racist because I'm white and I don't like him, they're just an ignorant person. People that claim that so many Obama detractors are racists is like saying that all of the black people who voted for Obama did it solely based on the color of his skin. Sure, plenty of them did, but you can't just clump them all together and throw a banner on them like that because it's unfair.

People need to stop playing the race card so much. If that's seriously the only excuse/argument someone can propose, then said person needs to sit back and let the grown ups talk it out.
Tell me, O Wise One, what is a rational reason? The radicals he surrounds himself with. The policies that are hurting our nation. His obvious bigotrty. His impotence at handling a crisis? His constant blaming of others? His economic policies that are hurting this nation? His payback of union thugs? his treatment of Israel? His constant blame game? Tell me, do any of these reasons work for you or are they actually racist. I think you are the poodle. Bill Clinton started the birther movement and there are those who have attached themselves to it just like there are those who believe 9/11 happened bc of the white man.Do you consider irrational Obama haters just racists in disguise?Most people who hate or strongly dislike the man do so because of his far-left stance. Far-left loons then just twist around their words and make strawman arguments that the anti-0bama people must be racist. That makes no more sense that telling the libs that they are racist against white people because they hated GW Bush so much. They hated him for his [perceived] far-right stance, even though he was actually as liberal as can be, fiscally. We on the right actually have valid arguments, so we do not need to stoop to their level of pulling out the race card everytime someone disagrees with us.Do you consider irrational Obama haters just racists in disguise?
They could be racist. I wouldn't doubt that many are. I do in fact like Barack, but you have to think that some folks only like Obama because he's black. That's the same as how some people only dislike Obama because he's black. The world isn't ever going to be perfect. If you spend your whole life trying to correct peoples mistakes, you would have wasted your life. It irks me that people can dislike others for their race, but i try not to worry about it and just live my life the way i intended to.
The issue over his birth cert. has not been resolved. Nor his use of several SS numbers and the use of an alias "Barry Sarros". These are not irrational doubts. Nor are the 2 felony bribery charges that are being levied. You must also have "questions" or you wouldn't have not posted this one.Do you consider irrational Obama haters just racists in disguise?

It doesn't matter to you why they hate him, they will ALWAYS be racists because they don't share your view.

Did you ever think posts like this may incite racism towards him? I mean you are claiming it anyway.

And, "though this issue has been resolved by court"? lol, whateva!

Liberals hated Bush for SPECIFIC reasons- torture, war for profit etc

Conservatives hate Obama for vague things like "ruining the country" "being a socialist" or "apologizing for America"
All anti-Obama people I've met, were very rational...

I'm sure, there are irrational ones out there too, but some of them my just dislike his hair-style, for example, rather than race.
No... BTW, if he would show a copy of his original BIRTH CERTIFICATE that issue would go away. You are aware that his own grandmother said she witnessed his birth in Kenya
some are just politicos wanting to score points over anything...

some are racists...
most people don't like him for rational reasons...even though Obama plays the race card all the time
so as long as some fringe wacko remains a birther, than all of obama's detractors are

People hate obama because he is a radical socialist
They're just ignorant.
Does this make you happy "FCK his cracker half" from a cracker that bore two oreos lol....
So? Blacks are inferior to white folk.
Many are but not all in my opinion...
was it racism against bush for the blacks who just did not like him?
Obama is letting his supporters strip away his image of a post-racial president by their increasingly racial rhetoric and his support for radical black activists.

Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers so obviously guilty of racial intimidation at the Philadelphia polling places in 2008 is of a piece with the NAACP's loud denunciation of the tea party movement as racists, likening it to the White Citizens Councils of the segregationist past. And the Obama administration's decision to sue to overturn the Arizona immigration law -- despite the fact that Americans approve of the statute, and disapprove of the lawsuit to void it, by 59 percent to 28 percent -- is an attempt to foundation his appeal to Latino voters in racial terms.

In a bid to increase enthusiasm and, therefore, turnout among minority voters, Barack Obama is sacrificing his white support and his non-racial image.

Already, the results of this disastrous strategy are apparent.

Surveys show that his job approval among Democrats has fallen from 84 percent two weeks ago to a mere 76 percent today. This fall has led to a drop in his overall approval from 47 percent at the end of June to 43 percent in the middle of July.

You mentioned -- "So, if it barks like a dog, acts like a dog, smells like a dog, it probably is a dog?." The Obamas arrived at their vacation spot in Maine, and the local paper, the Morning Sentinel, described the scene:…

Notice this paragraph (((( Arriving in a small jet before the Obamas was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a present by the late U.S. Sen Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.; and the president’s personal aide Reggie Love, who chatted with Baldacci. ))))

Not enough room on Air Force One for a Portuguese water dog and Reggie Love? Obama had to have a smaller jet (G3 Gulfstream, according to the story) serve as Air Force One instead of the 747 the president usually uses because of the size of the airport, but still, it’s a dog — and we’re all supposed to sacrifice in order to get through these tough economic times, right Mr. President? … Um, Mr. President?…

There was some concern because the jet carrying the First Couple’s egos was a bit late in arriving due to rough weather over Shangri-La.

Incidentally, my dog saw this story and wants his own jet now, too. Thanks Obama. o_O
Yeah it is closet racism. I agree with you wholeheartedly, there are many oppoents of Obamas who just disagree with his political standings, and that is more than fine, it's American to debate and express your opinions.

But yeah this is just the wolf in sheep's clothing

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