Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will Obama finally be the one to achieve social justice in America ?

Bush only enjoys making wealthier people wealthier and the average middle class struggle harder then ever before. Obama has true socialist ideas but will he be able to implement them or will the promises fail ?Will Obama finally be the one to achieve social justice in America ?Yes, Obama will achieve social justice in America.

First, all will have to attend church services with is reverend friend.

Second, all people who are Caucasian must be the devils and they will pay extra taxes.

Third, every Friday night will be invite a terrorist to dinner.

There will be no more middle class, there will only be two types of classes; Obamas class and the rest of us white devilsWill Obama finally be the one to achieve social justice in America ?
One can only hope.Will Obama finally be the one to achieve social justice in America ?he'll just be one of many left wing liberals to fade into the sunset.
No. Obama is working for the same group of rich and powerful people that Bush works for.Will Obama finally be the one to achieve social justice in America ?not according ot this, since he is a Democrat

more Democrats believe this is NOT a nation of liberty %26amp; justice?

as reported by the Rasmussen Report, whereas Republicans overwhelmingly believe this to be true, 75% versus 34% of Democrats.

Source:鈥?/a>Will Obama finally be the one to achieve social justice in America ?
"Social justice" should not involve ME paying for YOUR health care.

How do you 'justify' that?
WHOA! He's going to stop discrimination against white people??!! Got MY vote then!Will Obama finally be the one to achieve social justice in America ?
I think the country will take a big step forward electing a black man as president!!!!! I don't agree that Obama has socialists ideas but I would say that he believes all Americans deserve equals opportunity to be successful!!!!
His promises will fail. Socialism cannot work in this country. I don't know about you, but if I get sick, I don't want to wait three or four weeks to see my doctor.
Socialism is a BAD thing. It really is. Especially if you are someone who has worked hard for your money. If you are someone who would like money for nothing, then socialism may SEEM like a good idea (it still doesn't work out so well in practice). Besides, Obama ripped off the good people of Chicago, worked with a fraud and slum lord all to help finance his million dollar mansion. Do you really think he's going to work against everything he cheated for?
We have too much 'social justice' as it is! Too much P.C. and Affirmative Action. Too much teaching multi-culturalism instead of math and history. It is the dumbing down of America!
Socialism will ruin this country just like it has already done in France. Look at the disaster that has been created there. Do you want to turn America in a cesspool too ?
If you want true socialist ideas, Then you should look at the original USSR, or Ancient Rome, WWI Germany, WWII Germany (Hitler), Then Sweden, Denmark, France, ... oh wait a minute, we are talking about modern, up to date socialist countries that are acutally serving the people they govern, and there ain't any.

America is a Democracy. Socialism, Communism, Etc. are concepts which are completely opposite to our system of government. If you want Socialsm, you need to just pack up and go to a socialist country, and, please, take Obama with you. We don't need socialism here it doesn't work.
Where were these socialist ideas when he was elected senator in Illinois and his wife's salary doubled as a result? Does this mean that we will all get to live in million dollar homes like him and Rev Wright? Where do you think all this money is going to come from for all his socialist ideas--the taxpayers. The facts are the wealthy already pay much more taxes than the middle class or the poor--they are footing most of the taxes. Why would anyone think they should pay more. ***
what socialism is a good thing now. i believe we defeated socialism and comnmunism with the fall of the berlin wall. what do you think u.s.s.r. stands for? it's no wonder that people are comparing obama to hitler. maybe, instead of listening to the hype, you should do some research and study history. you may find that maybe you don't want what is preached and that the economy isn't as bad as the liberal media makes out (i.e. unemployment is near an all time low)
No....thanks.....If you want Socialism, I suggest you move elsewhere.

America will do fine as a Capitalist Democracy under McCain.

As you indicated Obama does indeed have " true socialist ideas " %26amp; these socialist ideas would destroy America.鈥?/a>

Here's the difference. Obama is working on becoming a good presidential candidate while McCain has been working on becoming a good President. Vote McCain!!!
Obama was liberal until he was nominated, now he sounds like a republican! I hate that commercial for Obama where they brag about how he voted for welfare reform and how welfare rolls were reduced by 80%. That's not something to be proud of. I won't vote for him. I feel suckered. Blah!
If by social justic you mean murdering white people and establishing the Fourth Reich then yes he will...
That's why people are behind him...for those reasons.

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