Monday, January 30, 2012

How is Obama accountable for what his father did?

Obama's non-existent father allegedly has numerous children from other relationships.

Anti-Obama people in here are blaming Obama because he doesn't know how many brothers or sisters he has.

And that he has 'no family values' because of it.

So, since when is a CHILD responsible for what their PARENTS have done? How is THIS showing that Obama has no family values.?

Thoughts?How is Obama accountable for what his father did? He is not. My father was a jack-*** that did not care for his kids yet I have 4 that has never known a day without me. 2 in College and 2 still at home. You can't judge a person by the Parents or the people they Know. I and my life is Proof of that Fact.How is Obama accountable for what his father did?
I think more accurately what people are saying, is that Obama knows of a brother he has that is extremely poor, and he has done nothing to help him.How is Obama accountable for what his father did?Wow so is he like a droid or something? Nonexistant father
It's the haterade... the haters are overdosing off of it.How is Obama accountable for what his father did?no he's not accountable......How is Obama accountable for what his father did?
Accountable he is not.
You mean the alcoholic loser of a father that left him when he was 2?

How is Obama accountable for what his father did?
Man you are worrying too much,let the Republican goons here play with their computer.
Apparently you never read his books? Go ahead... I'll wait.

*.. still waiting*

* hour later*
Obama can NOT be held accountable for what his father did, nor can he be held accountable for where he was raised, what name he was given at birth, the color and nationality of his parents = he had no control over any of this!

But if that's how people want to play this game - then shouldn't John Sidney McClueless be held responsible for the fact that his wife stole and abused drugs?
A child isn't responsible for what his parents did. In fact, it is admirable and a credit to his mother that Obama has accomplished the things that he has in his life. I am not voting for him because I don't agree with his policies, but I think that his life is a great example to other children in America that they can overcome hardships and make something of themselves.
If he were a Republican candidate, everything.
He's not. And if anyone watched the show last night on McCain's background and Obama''s background, one would understand exactly what his roots were and how he's gotten to where he is today. Which is quite different than all the lies, smut and garbage people have said on this site about him.
Have you ever heard the adage

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree?
He isn't. This is just another attempt by the far right republicans to smear Obama on lies and innuendo.
He is not responsible for what his father did. No child is. It will probably make him a better parent because he won't want to make the same mistakes his father did.
Ask the more important question!

Did Obama inherit the low IQ of his father? The average IQ in Kenya is 72. All the scientific research ties most of the social ills to low IQ. Obama is good at hiding his low IQ because the Affirmative Action trained him so and the Hollywood culture promotes low IQ primadonnas.
I can't stand Obama. BUT - Obama is no more responsible for the actions of his father than I am responible to pay (via my tax dollars) for the abortion that some girl wants because she chose not to keep her legs together.

Oh wait - Obama thinks I SHOULD pay to help that "poor girl" out. He also thinks I should be more responsible (than I already am) for helping out the poor and the needy. Contrary to popular belief, not all of the needy are saints, and not everyone who is poor is that way because of "unfortunate circumstances" beyond their control. Some peopel got that way because of thier own poor judgements nd moral failings.

Where in our Constitution do people have the Constitutional guarantee that the government is supposed to rescue them for thier OWN choices?

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