Monday, January 30, 2012

What made Obama such a controversial person?

What made Obama such an outstanding and controversial person, what is special in him? Some people praise and some criticise, why? What is the best and the worst in him? Thanks in advance?What made Obama such a controversial person?What made Obama such an outstanding and controversial person?

Outstanding I am not so sure about, but he is controversial because he has come so far on so little. He is also associated with many radicals and extremists.

What is special in him?

He is charismatic and a good speaker.

Some people praise and some criticise, why?

Because all people are different.

What is the best in him?

I don't see anything best in him...he scares me

Worst in him?

His lies, his deception, he's democrat, he approved infanticide and late term abortions...and the list goes on....What made Obama such a controversial person?

And his ability to navigate with words.What made Obama such a controversial person?The right wing nuts
Being a black man with the middle name "Hussein" .....

Obama / Biden 08!!!What made Obama such a controversial person?He's charismatic and has a great personality.

Anyone who places themselves in the public eye will be praised and criticized. That's inevitable.

I admire him for his intelligence and his positivity. Nothing bad about him.What made Obama such a controversial person?
Two things imo.

His name and that he's black (half black, half white whatever the Republicans are calling it this week)

If he was white and his name was Tom Henry Jones they would actually stick to the issues I bet.
history of terrible associations, no experience, and a socialist plan for the economy that will make the economy worseWhat made Obama such a controversial person?
He's more subtil then any of the rest , Read Genesis Chapter 3 and you will find out this means. Beware!!
some people dont like him cause he is black that right he is african american with a little mix of white
Every election demonizes both candidates. This election seems especially bad, I think it's in part because most Americans are ready to give up Bush.

The last eight years have been difficult, and a lot of people want to punish the Republican party for it. It made it that much easier to 'like' someone else like Barack - even if it was, at first, without major purpose. Hardcore Repubs loath that notion, and the cycle feeds itself.

He wont provide his birth certificate proving he's a Natural born citizen. A major requirement to being president.
He is an Intelligent Radical ...he has the gift of gab...he has radical friends ..bill ayers...who bombed his own country ..and decimated the flag...Reverend wright..who hates white people...Lewis Farrakhan who hates whit people...Jews...and is a Militant Muslim...he calls Obama the Messiah...he set out the radical liberal group Acorn to confuse the election process and the goal is to try to fraud the vote ..the mass confusion has all states in an uproar...and is claiming the republicans are racist..or pushing for voter suppression...Obama has a History of doing these things....and Paid Acorn to do this $800,000...the American way of life is going to Change for the worse if he is elected...
Obama doesn't seem to be truthful even on his associations. For example, with Bill Ayers, he changed that and said that he was just a guy in the neighborhood and didn't know he was a terrorist, then he said he was only 8 years old when Ayers was bombing the pentagon, then lately he's said he knew he was a terrorist and thought he had been rehabilitated.
not to sound racist or anything, just the truth.

but bottom line is that hes a black man whos running for president and if he wins the election he'll be the 1st black president.
Good news and Bad news is better than no news.

All liberals are controversial, Thats why the right wing will defeat them.

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