Monday, January 30, 2012

When will Obama start giving away free food,clothes and homes?

I have the right to life so I need food and shelter.

Why cant Obama create a program to give away free homes?

Will this be included in my welfare check?When will Obama start giving away free food,clothes and homes?It will happen soon, but only for minorities and illegal immigrants.When will Obama start giving away free food,clothes and homes?
They already have this program,

It is called Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.

They passed late on Christmas Eve, the removal of caps on the losses for the next few years. The caps were $200 Billion on each program, which they have not even used up yet.

So why the timing late into the night before Christmas so as to make sure it did not hit the news.

Because they expect bad things to happen to real estate. They pre-approved the huge bailouts.

Pretty Fun huh?When will Obama start giving away free food,clothes and homes?See, you joke. But when the gov't gives out free money, it aint free. You can always find free cheese in a mousetrap.

What mousetrap we are now in is called Communism 101. We gave you the money for X Y and Z, but what are you goin to do for us? Like a pimp, good ole gov't is going to ask, "how are you gonna thank daddy for the new house?"

I promise, we are not going to like what we're going to have to do to keep our "freedom".
The home she lives in was donated by the wife of a Florida lawmaker, Chene Thompson, who has been trying to sell the vacant home in the Fort Myers suburb of Lavelle since 2006. Once the house sells, Hughes will have to leave.鈥?/a>

Don't take it the will move you out when it sells.

It is only a joke.When will Obama start giving away free food,clothes and homes?Well, now I see why Yahoo Questions - a noble idea - is turned into a vapid wasteland...

If you want real debates, I recommend you ask real questions. Not loaded tripe.

Then you'd get real answers, real debate, and arguably real solutions.When will Obama start giving away free food,clothes and homes?
I know he should be paying my mortgage and car payment by now, I mean come on it has been a year and that is what acorn promised when I agreed to vote for him 5 times in the election.
Excuse me?

There are homeless shelters throughout the country, as well as affordable housing programs. Free clothes and food are given away in abundance.When will Obama start giving away free food,clothes and homes?
And aren't you so glad your mom chose life?

Wait another year - your house will be paid for courtesy of John Q. Taxpayer.
Welfare is run and regulated by the states, not the Federal Government.
YO IF THAT'S TRUE, THEN hell yeah. OBAMA IS THE BEST president Eva. Fo Sho.

I NEED FOOD CLOTHES...ALL THAT GOOD ****. just need a job! You know what i'm saying, need to get that money!
The only thing Obama plans to give you is a free trip to the doctors to be euthanized. Don't be so gullible. ;-)
I'm not a repbulican or a democrat I'm a American and until we realize where are in the same boat the enemy is winning
Cons expect everything handed to them.
Another republican trying to pose as a democrat.

Epic Fail!
He is giving away free homes.
hahahahahahaha..good one
That's not in his agenda, as far as I know.
Any day now....鈥?/a>
keep dreaming hun
been there done that
I want my Obama money. I want my Obama money.
well after all he is the messiah so be patient you never no it may be soon

thumbs down?

really the messiah is not going to do these wonderful things?

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