Saturday, January 14, 2012

How good are the unemployment benefits with Obama?

I don't really like my job so I was going to quit and cash in on Obama's new stimulus plan. It sounds like the benefits will be much better now and last much longer. Anybody here unemployed? How well does it pay these days and how long can you recieve checks?How good are the unemployment benefits with Obama?Benefits are darn good right now with the two Federally-funded extensions approved under Bush. Barry O'Bama hasn't done anything yet... but I am hoping for a 3rd extension to be approved soon. I'm hoping this next one (Barry's) is bigger and longer than the first two.

Note: Be sure to get laid off and not quit or get fired for cause. It's much easier to get your benefits that way.How good are the unemployment benefits with Obama?I lost my job in March 2008 and recieved my last unemployment check today. Obama's plan doesnt cover me so I get nothing and have no benefits left. So this bill doesnt help everyone.I called my unemployment office today and thats what they told me. Im inVirginia and a construction manager

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How good are the unemployment benefits with Obama?Unemployment is for those who are let go from work, and does not cover anyone who quits a job.

Trust me on this....if you truly don't like your job, with the unemployment rate as it is, the boss will have no problems replacing you. So, before you quit, think twice. You won't get unemployment if you quit.

So, better to look for a new job now while you are still employed, rather than waiting until you quit.

With the unemployment rate skyrocketing, a job that sucks is better than no job at all. In Michigan, we're facing 8-16% unemployment rates. It's difficult to find work.

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