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Has Obama been misleading about his religious faith to confuse the voters?

Seems to be an issue coming for the next two elections. On fox the muslim mosque is an issue with people. And it is believed that he sides with muslims more than his own christian faith when it comes to issues.

Is he not in church to confuse the public on his faith of choice?

How does Obama express his faith while he is president?

Thanks!Has Obama been misleading about his religious faith to confuse the voters?President Obama was criticized for being a member of the Trinity Church for 20 (twenty) years because of a few of the highly emotionally charged sermons of Rev. Wright. Barack Obama did live in Indonesia with his mother and step-father when he was age six to eleven. I believe that for Barack Obama, life in Indonesia, as a child, was not fraught with terrorist bombers and he did not feel threatened by the religion or the people. While he may have learned about Islam, he is a Christian. Obama's respect for the right of others to practice their religion does not make him a Muslim. It speaks to his religious tolerance. He is not of a religious clique that refuses to recognize your right to practice your religious beliefs. He does not have tunnel vision, as many do, when it comes to religion. Mike Huckabee made some intelligent observations that rose above the rhetoric. You may find this interesting. This was not that long ago, at the time when Barack Obama was "accused" of being a Christian.鈥?/a>

Making President Obama the scapegoat regarding the community center/mosque is a divisive political smoke screen. Religious freedom is guaranteed by our Constitution. After 9/11, the imam, who wants to build a community center/mosque in Manhattan, helped the FBI and the Bush Administration with counter-terrorism efforts. Mayor Bloomberg made his decision by separating fact from fiction. It had been approved by Mayor Bloomberg when President Obama quoted the United States Constitution on Freedom of Religion. President Obama did not mislead voters on his religious faith.鈥?/a>Has Obama been misleading about his religious faith to confuse the voters?
No he isn't. I don't know why anyone is concerned about any President going, or not going, to church.

It seems to me that years ago, say before the 1970s, no one cared about the President going to church on Sunday. I think Jimmy Carter, in the 1970s, was a regular church attendee, and after Carter this became THE thing for a President to do.

All I know is that there are MILLIONS of Americans who never go to church on Sunday. I can't believe that EVERY President we elect is not among this group. If they are, then they are playing politics by pretending to be church going people.

Personally, I could care less if Obama goes to church or not and what religion he practices, if any.

I'm more concerned about how he is handling the Wars and the economy...and I'm not too happy about that performance. (And I voted for him)Has Obama been misleading about his religious faith to confuse the voters?Obama is a Christian .

But with Separation of Religion and state what does it matter ?

And it shouldn't matter in this country.

No religion shall have power and control over our country ; and I say that as a Christian.

Because too many people fight over and about religion even with in the Christian faith .

In modern times look at how the Catholics and Protestants fight over religious ideology in the UK for example .
I will answer this in the manner that Rush Limbaugh teaches: This MUST be a Communist plot to take over the world!

But, really the answer to your question is "no" but I do agree that some folks get confused rather easily.

Furthermore, since you don't know what's in another man's heart it's best not to judge lest ye be judged!

.Has Obama been misleading about his religious faith to confuse the voters?Who is this man, Barack Obama?

It becomes more apparent with each passing day, that he has been misleading about many things.

His past will eventually catch up with him.

"You can't fool all of the people all of the time".Has Obama been misleading about his religious faith to confuse the voters?
Reagan did not go to church either while President.

Why don't people get off Obamas back ?

I don't go to church and yet I have accepted Jesus Christ and I try to practice the golden rule everyday. I fall short many times, but I will not stop trying.
i think it will ,and i think he will be a one term president .and if he quits using muslim greetings (and he has used it a few time in briefings ) he might make points with the people of the u.s.(and i don't see that happening right away ).Has Obama been misleading about his religious faith to confuse the voters?
I don't think Obama intentionally tries to confuse people about his faith. His church going has been spotty since he left the Jeremiah Wright congregation which might lead people to question his faith. He get religious emails from his pet pastors.
No I do not think that Obama is a Muslim. I think that he believes in God but does not require the intangible emotional solice part of organized religion.


Worship is up to the individual, even if you are a public figure, although the President does speak about God fairly frequently.
Obama considers himself to be above all religion..he thinks he is the 2nd coming of GOD.......
He didn't do it to confuse. He did it to defraud them.
Why does it matter what religion Obama is?

Surely faith is a private thing...
He is Christian. I dont know why this is so hard for some people to understand.
Yes from all angles.

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